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Solar Q2 2014 Funding: $6.3 Billion

Corporate solar funding comes in at USD 6.4 billion in Q1

Mercom Capital Group, llc, a global clean energy communications and consulting firm, released its report today on second quarter funding and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity for the solar sector in 2014. Total global corporate funding in the solar sector, including venture capital (VC), private equity (PE), debt financing, and public market financing raised by

Solarize South Carolina

Solarize South Carolina Campaign Aims to Rev Up SC’s Home Solar Industry

Thanks to the launch of a new grassroots campaign in South Carolina, the longtime solar laggard could be poised to triple its installed capacity among homes and small businesses. Today, clean energy nonprofit group SmartPower officially kicks off a Solarize bulk discount buying program. Solarize South Carolina aims to inflate South Carolina’s solar capacity among homes and

solar loan

Residential Solar Financier Sunnova Offers New Loan-Like Product

Residential solar financier Sunnova is now offering something that looks like a loan but isn’t really a loan. When we spoke with Sunnova CEO John Berger late last year, he was adamant about selling solar as a service and had no plans to offer cash sales or loans, despite some rumors to the contrary. Firms such as

When going solar, should you lease or buy?

As the cost of solar technology drops, more and more homeowners are considering buying or leasing rooftop solar panels. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy projects that 900,000 homes will feature solar installations by the year 2020. Properly sized, a solar photovoltaic system can reduce your energy costs by 50 percent or more, and

Google, SolarCity partner

Google & SolarCity partner on $750M fund for rooftop solar

Solar installer and financier SolarCity announced on Thursday that it plans to raise a $750 million fund to invest in installing solar panels on the rooftops of home owners, and $300 million of that fund will come from tech giant Google. While Google has put over $1 billion into clean energy projects over the years,

solar lease vs loan

Solar Financing Guide Explores the Ins and Outs of Leases, Loans

Should solarizers own or rent their panels? It’s complicated, yet simple, according to The Clean Energy States Alliance’s recently released Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Financing: Leases, Loans and PPAs (PDF). And you won’t really know into the dig deeply into the details and ask the hard questions. (For those, skip to end of this report and the back

solar PPA

Fight heats up between solar-leasing companies, Legislature

The Legislature’s effort to forge a new blueprint for Washington solar power has stirred a fight from out-of-state companies that want to offer homeowners the option of leasing rooftop systems. Bills now pending in the House attempt to keep the solar industry expanding while paring back state subsidies. Some provisions reflect months of negotiations between

solar financing

Solar Industry Heavyweights Step in to Standardize Solar Financing

As a concentrated effort to increase access to public capital for PV solar ends in September, a California mutual benefit organization is taking over the reins. The Solar Energy Finance Association (SEFA) — an 18-month-old group founded by industry heavyweights such as SolarCity, Sunrun, Locus Energy and Clean Power Finance — will continue the workstarted by the National

Homes with Solar Panels Are Worth More Money

Until recently, it wasn’t clear whether homeowners who had installed a solar PV system could expect to receive a higher price for their investment (that is, compared to the home’s selling price if they hadn’t installed solar panels at all). Now, thanks to a recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, that question can be definitively answered as

The Great Solar Panel Debate: To Lease Or To Buy?

More than 600,000 homes in the U.S. have solar panels today — up dramatically from just a few years ago, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Leasing programs that require little or no money up-front have played a key role in that growth. But here’s a question for homeowners: Is it better to lease or

solar loan or PPA?

NREL examines trade-offs of owning versus leasing a solar PV systems

Two new reports from the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) examine the economic options customers face when deciding how to finance commercial or residential solar energy systems. NREL analysts found that businesses that use low-cost financing to purchase a photovoltaic (PV) system and homeowners who use solar-specific loans can save up to 30

corporate funding for solar

Total Corporate Funding Increases 175 Percent to $26.5 Billion in the Solar Sector

Mercom Capital Group llc, a global clean energy communications and consulting firm, released its report on funding and merger and acquisition (M&A) activity for the solar sector in 2014. Total corporate funding into the solar sector encompassing venture capital/private equity (VC), debt and public market financing increased 175 percent in 2014 with $26.5 billion, compared

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