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Bonnaroo Goes Solar The Crowdfunding Way

Bonnaroo Goes Solar The Crowdfunding Way

There are different ways to crowd-source the funding of a solar or clean energy project. There are emerging peer-to-peer lending platforms like Solar Mosaic which connect investors to solar projects. Unlike Kickstarter, Solar Mosaic seeks to provide a return to its investors. Perhaps more simply, there’s what the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester,

Everybody Solar: Solar Crowdfunding in California

Youness Scally founded Everybody Solar in 2011. Its mission is to help nonprofits go solar, thereby benefitting not only the environment but also the nonprofit’s budget. By reducing its power bills, a nonprofit can focus resources on its programs instead of on operating costs. And that helps the community the nonprofit serves. Everybody Solar focuses

In Focus: Philanthropic Crowdfunding

The earliest known citation of crowdfunding was made in 2006 and since then it has exploded onto the startup scene as the best way for fledgling ideas, products, creative projects, and causes to attain investment when banks, venture capitalists, and angel investors may otherwise reject them. Crowdfunding affords an individual to pursue an interest, hobby

Crowdfunding: Savior to Hurricane Sandy

I currently live in New York City and am one of the luckier people who was not harmed by Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, dozens were killed and over 40,000 were left homeless. In a disaster of this magnitude, we come together and people all over the country donate to support the relief effort. But this was

Crowdfunding A Solar Project

We have enough solar resources in the United States to power the whole country many times over. And yet, most of us are still not getting our power from the sun. Even with leases making solar affordable for more people, many others are still left out of the equation — including low-income families, renters, and

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