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Community Solar: Key Considerations in Designing a Successful Program

The first community solar programs were started nearly a decade ago, and, as the name suggests, the early efforts were led by communities — neighbors, small towns, places of worship — in each case, a group of people dedicated to building solar systems and sharing the benefits of the electrical output. From these humble beginnings,

community solar

New Concept in Solar Energy Poised to Catch on Across US

A new concept in renewable energy is catching fire across the country, allowing customers who might find solar panels too expensive or impractical to buy green energy anyway. Community solar gardens first took off in Colorado a few years ago, and the model — also known as community or shared solar — has spread to Minnesota,

community solar

Sometimes it Takes a Community to Go Solar

You don’t have a south-facing roof. You have too many trees in your yard. You may not be committed to staying in your house for the next ten to fifteen years. Or maybe you rent, or don’t have the upfront money to install. These may be some of the reasons why you can’t go solar.

community solar

How the Solar Industry is Coming Together to Expand Community Solar

Community solar farms (made up of PV panels purchased by offsite owners) have been saviors for renters and apartment dwellers without control of their own rooftops. But with less than a dozen U.S. states with enabling legislation on the books — and a smattering of utilities and third parties that have pushed through projects —

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Bringing Shared Solar to Scale

What happens when you really want solar but the obstacles seem too great? You may not have a suitable space. Or there may be a tree blocking your roof. Or you live in a condominium where you don’t have your own roof. This is where promising approaches for increasing customer access, such as shared solar,

Mid Valley Solar Array

Colorado Utility Leads the Way for Community Solar

An electric cooperative on Colorado’s Western Slope was the first utility in the U.S. to give community-owned solar a chance in 2010. Four years and 2.6 megawatts (MW) later, it was a decision that helped revolutionize the way individuals and businesses go solar nationwide. A member-owned cooperative, Holy Cross Energy (HCE) provides electricity to more than 55,000

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NYS Public Service Commission Action Will Help Tenants, Low-Income Customers and Others Lacking Rooftop Access Go Solar

For New Yorkers like me, who’ve wanted to put solar panels on their roofs but found it wasn’t feasible, there’s some excellent news, thanks to an effort NRDC and others helped initiate at the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC). Soon, we’ll be able to join the growing number of Americans who can participate in offsite

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Xcel hopes new ‘gardens’ will grow MN solar power

The new community solar program Xcel Energy will launch on Friday could mean a big boost in solar electricity for the utility. Xcel has about 14 megawatts in its system right now. The Solar Rewards Community could add 100 megawatts in 2015, or about enough to serve 25,000 homes, said Xcel Senior Vice President Laura

First Solar teams with Clean Energy Collective to expand community solar

First Solar, Inc. and Clean Energy Collective (CEC) have announced a partnership to develop community solar offerings to residential customers and businesses — including those who rent, live in multi-tenant buildings, or whose rooftops are not suited for solar panels. According to First Solar, they will look for opportunities to provide affordable community solar. The

abundance enewable energy

Abundance launches “new avenue” for finance for renewable energy developers

Abundance, the award-winning crowdfunding platform that allows direct investmentin UK renewable energy, today announced it was launching the UK’s first regulated ‘shared ownership’ service. “20 communities”  Abundance said it aimed to work with “at least 20 communities across the UK next year” to help grow the UK’s renewable energy capacity and ethical investment market. Projects financed through the new ‘shared ownership’ scheme are

Community Program SolarPerks Opens Access to All NSTAR and Grid Ratepayers

BOSTON, MASS. – (October 23, 2014) Massachusetts’ favorable renewable energy landscape has set the stage for broad interest in individual solar energy production. Yet, historical solar programs have been available only to residents and businesses that own suitable rooftop space and feature long-term leasing arrangements. Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the nation’s leading community solar developer, announced today

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