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Meet the Senate leaders who plan to gut the EPA and approve Keystone

Meet the Senate leaders who plan to gut the EPA and approve Keystone

We recently told you about the new fossil fuel–loving senators who were just elected, but they’re not the ones who’ll be causing the most trouble. The more tenured senators who’ll assume the Senate’s leadership posts are the ones you really need to watch out for — and they’re just as prone to silly science denial as the

Republican Congress to Push the Keystone XL Today

Congress is trying to fast track the controversial Keystone XL project. A debate on the pipeline is scheduled to take place today (Friday, November 14)  in both the US House and the Senate. Both houses of the Republican led Congress are expected to approve the bill. While the President has indicated he will veto the bill,

Obama’s Deal With China Is a Big Win for Solar, Nuclear, and Clean Coal

The plan announced Tuesday night for the United States and China to join forces in the fight against climate change is a big deal. It sets a new, more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target for the US (although the target will only bring emissions slightly below 1990 levels, which isn’t as aggressive as climate scientists have advocated). It

Republicans and Democrats on Climate Change

There is a massive gulf separating Republicans and Democrats on the issue of climate change. Climate change and environmental issues did not keep Republicans from achieving gains in the Senate, the House of Representatives and many gubernatorial contests. When we take a look at voting patterns we once again see the stark partisan divide between

Post Carbon Institute: U.S. Oil, Gas Fracking Boom “unsustainable;” EIA Forecasts “extremely optimistic”

According to the U.S. government’s latest long-term forecast, the country can expect a “56% increase in total natural gas production from 2012 to 2040,” with shale gas production “the largest contributor, growing by more than 10 Tcf” through 2040; and with “tight gas” production also growing sharply over that time period. As for “tight oil,” the official

GOP Targets in their Impending War Against Climate Protections

When the new slate of GOP candidates take office in January they will make good on their threats to go to war against climate protections. Now that Republicans control both houses of Congress and have won governorships in blue states like Maryland, Massachusetts, and Illinois, we can expect them to wage a holy war against

Environmental Alliances in the 2014 Midterms

The US midterms are right are around the corner, but an analysis of environmental alliances shows the situation is far more complicated in 2014 than it was in previous election cycles. As the political theater unfolds, the clock is ticking down and we are rapidly running out of time to curb emissions and reign in

Comprehensive Review of Climate Change Science from the Green Market Oracle

SolarFeeds note: We bumped into this Green Market Oracle post from 2012 and it was too good not to share. Republished (with permission) here in its entirety , the post inspired SolarFeeds to create a new category for not-so-new stuff worth sharing. The category is called “Awesome”! The evidence for anthropogenic global warming is unassailable. In 2009, 18 scientific

EU climate change act a missed opportunity for solar, says EPIA

European Council’s 27% renewable energy target for 2030 deemed too low to unlock solar’s full potential, but EPIA at least happy with “very small step” in right direction. The 27% renewable energy target for 2030 is binding for the EU as a whole, but binding national targets remain beyond the scope of the EU. Flickr/Stuart

Reasons to be Optimistic about a Global Climate Agreement

Despite a number of remaining hurdles, there have been several positive developments that support the idea that we may succeed in securing a global climate agreement in 2015. Adding to the optimism of UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres, we have seen constructive French diplomacy and national climate legislation in three countries. While there is much

Fossil Free Investment Resources

There are now a number of firms who are helping investors to move away from fossil fuels. While investing in fossil fuels and associated industries was once the bedrock of a sound investment strategy, there is a growing awareness that these investments are approaching the end of their life cycle. Investors cannot ignore the overwhelming

In Focus: The Future of Solar Technology

The solar PV industry rose up over the past seven-plus years largely due to massive capacity expansions, but scale alone won’t pave the way for solar PV in the coming years. What’s also needed are new technologies and methods to improve the energy performance of devices, and the efficiency of the systems around them, all

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