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Sharing solar power with your neighbours

Sharing solar power with your neighbours

Smart metering has come a long way. Most Victorian customers are now billed via a smart meter. There’s been some hiccups along the way but generally speaking, for the bulk of customers their data is available daily and through the Jemena and United portals where an up-to-the-hour query will give customers the latest data, direct from their meter. For the

China coal tariffs could impact Australia solar industry

The surprise decision by China to impose tariffs on coal imports from Australia has raised the prospect of tit-for-tat action that could impact on the multi-billion solar industry in Australia. The decision to impose – at least temporarily – a tariff of up to 6% on imports into China is yet another blow on Australian

Australians Love Solar!

Australians overwhelmingly support distributed electricity generation, particularly solar, according to a recent survey there. The Australian Photovoltaic Association commissioned the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization to determine public sentiment and willingness regarding solar energy and the willingness of Australians to adopt it. Of the 2,643 respondents, 26.3 percent already had some type of solar

Australian Scientists Printing Solar Cells Down Under

Scientists have produced the largest flexible, plastic solar cells in Australia—10 times the size of what they were previously able to—thanks to a new solar cell printer that has been installed at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). The printer is relatively cheap, uses common industrial chemicals and the resulting solar cells have a

Australians: Loving their Solar Panels

  Suntech’s latest solar search and photo competition generated pictures and short statements from more than 400 customers across the country. All showed great enthusiasm for their Suntech products, lower energy bills and a reduced environmental impact. One woman called herself a “groovy granny” who decided to “go green, minimizing her power bills, lessening her

In Focus: Australia’s Carbon Tax

Many countries require a strong and sudden push to enforce greener, more environmentally conscious policies. We’ve seen that in Germany. In light of Japan’s nuclear disaster, breakthroughs are being made and bills are being passed that ensures Germany will be being powered by safe and sustainable energy in the future. Germany’s scientists and politicians were

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