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Solar ‘generators’ power up remote homes, factories

As darkness falls, Dora Mjungu and her two brothers cram themselves around the faint flame of a kerosene lamp, struggling to finish their homework before their mother blows out the lamp to save the fuel cost. “I don’t dare to go to bed before getting it done. If I did, I would rather stay at

Ethiopian Solar

This tulip-shaped solar plant is bringing reliable energy to Ethiopia

Development in rural African communities is often limited by lack of access to reliable power – hospitals, schools and businesses all require a steady source of electricity in order to function. The government of Ethiopia just announced plans to address this need using the AORA Solar-Hybrid system. The AORA system is ingenious because it is

Renewables, Not Coal, Way Out Of Energy Poverty In Africa

Coal is “essential to meet the scale of Africa’s desperate need for electricity,” says Peabody Energy, the world’s biggest publicly traded coal company. However, a new analysis published by the Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI) challenges these claims, finding instead that the falling costs of renewable power is the way out of energypoverty in Africa. It’s a

Largest Solar Power Plant in Africa Flips the Switch

With seven of the world’s fastest growing economies located in Africa, it should not be a surprise that the continent’s energy demands will only surge in the coming decade. Hence plenty of opportunities exist for clean energy companies as investors worldwide realize Africa, with all of its risks, is a booming market. To that end, California-based Solar

Africa: Set for Solar Revolution

The future of renewable energy in Africa is looking brighter all the time. The African Renewable Energy Fund (AREF) has raised $100 million for the development of grid-connected renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Though many countries in sub-Saharan Africa remain drastically underdeveloped, which has caused the region to have the world’s lowest electricity access rate at 24 percent,

Solar-Powered Computers for Students in Africa

A business which is based at the University of Nottingham Innovation Park (UNIP) has developed a unique solar-powered off-grid computing solution which is being used by students in Africa. Sustainable Computers was founded by Tony Winfield, a former Head of ICT and Business at a local secondary school, who recognized that one of the issues holding

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