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Apple continues solar trend in China

Apple Pushes Hard on Solar in China with 40 MW of New Solar Farms

Apple Pushes Hard on Solar in China with 40 MW of New Solar Farms

Apple continues to walk the walk when it comes to solarization. Now it’s making a big splash on solar in China in partnership with SunPower. Both are teaming up to build two 20-megawatt solar projects in China’s Sichuan province — which is a first, although together they’ve built six in America totaling 90 megawatts. Construction


Microgrids and mobile tech bring solar power to rural Kenya

In a dusty trading center at the foot of the Entasopia escarpment in Kenya’s Kajiado County, John Pambio is deeply engrossed in soldering together a customer’s phone at his electronics repair kiosk. Until nine months ago, Pambio would have had to send the job to a repair shop in Kiserian township 95 km away, due


Japanese trading conglomerate Marubeni moves into residential solar

One of Japan’s largest trading companies, Marubeni, which is already involved in both upstream and downstream sectors of PV industry, has entered the domestic market for residential solar. Marubeni announced yesterday that its offering will include modules, inverters and mounting systems. Typically residential solar in Japan is marketed in complete kit form by most providers

Solar Power in Space

China wants to build a massive solar power station in space

Moving away from fossil fuels and towards green energy generation is becoming increasingly important, not just because fossil fuels will eventually run out, but the emissions they produce are choking the atmosphere. That’s why we are seeing huge solar farms being built, but China is considering a much more ambitious project. Chinese scientists want to

Chinese solar boom

China’s New Solar Target Could Set the Stage for a Solar Boom

The solar industry is growing around the world, but China is taking growth to another level. It recently set the most aggressive goal of any country by targeting 17.8 GW of solar installations in 2015. That’s 19% higher than the proposed 15 GW goal, and 70% higher than the 10.5 GW installed in 2014. Considering that

European power grids keep lights on though solar eclipse

Electrical grids in Europe claimed success on Friday in managing the unprecedented disruption to solar power from a 2-1/2-hour eclipse that brought sudden, massive drops in supply. Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, at the heart of the event, boasts the world’s biggest solar-powered installations, which last year supplied 6 percent of national power requirements. The initial 13

dubai solar

Dubai sets pace on rooftop solar power

The door has opened to cash-saving and environmentally friendly solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings in Dubai. Residents and landlords who install the panels will not only cut greenhouse gas emissions and save money on their fuel bills, but they will also be able to feed any excess power back into the emirate’s

india solar loans

Home loans and solar power

As part of its continuing efforts to boost solar power generation in the country, the Department of Financial Services, Union Ministry of Finance, has issued instructions to public sector banks to encourage clients seeking either home loans or home improvement loans to install rooftop solar photo voltaic plants and to include the cost of the

australian solar

Sharing solar power with your neighbours

Smart metering has come a long way. Most Victorian customers are now billed via a smart meter. There’s been some hiccups along the way but generally speaking, for the bulk of customers their data is available daily and through the Jemena and United portals where an up-to-the-hour query will give customers the latest data, direct from their meter. For the

SunEdison To Bring Electricity To 20 Million People By 2020

SunEdison, Inc., the world’s largest renewable energy development company, today announced an ambitious plan to electrify 20 million people in underserved communities around the world. The initiative will be led by SunEdison Social Innovations, a global group focused on developing new business models and new technologies which make renewable energy in rural communities economically sustainable


Defra’s solar clampdown based on ‘politics not evidence’

The Department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra) was informed by the CAP Direct Payments Team that solar farms do not have a “serious” impact on the UK’s agricultural output ahead of its controversial decision to remove CAP payments for solar farms. A freedom of information (FOI) request filed by Solar Power Portal reveals that

Israeli solar power plant to generate electricity around the clock

Israeli alternative energy company Brenmiller Energy has solved one of the biggest issues with solar technology — how to generate electricity when the sun sets. The Tel Aviv-based company announced on Monday that it will build a 10-megawatt solar facility in the Negev desert city of Dimona that will generate renewable electricity for around 20 hours per day through an

tracking solar array

Solution: Solar energy to power rural areas

As Pakistan continues to suffer from its crippling energy shortage, Telenor Pakistan, Tameer Microfinance Bank and Roshan Energy have partnered to rollout their solar-powered home solution for the low-income segment, which is off the national grid, it was revealed on Tuesday. “This initiative will empower nearly 40% of Pakistanis who live off the grid with

Tanzania solar

Solar ‘generators’ power up remote homes, factories

As darkness falls, Dora Mjungu and her two brothers cram themselves around the faint flame of a kerosene lamp, struggling to finish their homework before their mother blows out the lamp to save the fuel cost. “I don’t dare to go to bed before getting it done. If I did, I would rather stay at

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