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Solar and the Grid

“We live in a global world … and the fact is, if everybody on the planet lived like we do in America, we’d need 10 planet Earths. This is a sad fact, but, unfortunately, we’re all going to have to make do with a lot less in the future.” ~Scott Gordon, SVP of  Sales, HelioPower Let’s

Smart Meter Events Begin in California

Havequestions about the new meter installed on your home?  Do you wonder how it works?  Will it record energy use differently than the “old”version?   Will the new smart meter change your energy bill? These questions and more will be answered in a free seminar series that kicks off this week in California.  Called “Smart Meters

Murrieta Solar Update

The city ofMurrieta has added 38 more rebates to its popular Murrieta Solar RebateProgram.  The city committed to 72, $1,000 rebates for approvedresidential solar installations (purchased systems, not PPAs or leases)in April 2010.   It originally settled on 72 rebates by taking theaverage annual solar installation in Murrieta over a 3-year period,which came out to 24

Top 10 Things About Smart Meters and Solar

Millions of smart meters are being installed on homes acrossCalifornia.  Mandated by the California Public Utilities Commission(CPUC), all investor owned utilities (IOU) including Southern California Edison (SCE), Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), and San Diego Gas& Electric (SDG&E) are installing smart meters at residentialand business customer properties.  Smart meters are the residentialpoint of information collection

Murrieta Ups Solar Incentives

Murrieta, asolar friendly California city, has added more incentives for residenthomeowners.  This month the city passed the Home Improvement Incentive Project to “promote home improvement projectsfor its residents and encourage job creation and local shopping for home improvement supplies and materials.”  The project also benefits energyefficiency upgrades including solar. The permit and inspection fees for

Solar delivers in San Diego

by Glenna WisemanVice President, Marketing, HelioPower Children running in the grass.  Volunteers securing tents. Dignitaries making their way to a donor’s reception. The many handsthat have helped shape a sustainable community where once violence ran amuck allgathered last Thursday.  Those who have volunteered, supported andhelped build this bright light of an affordable housing community in anoppressed

Former SunPower Exec Joins HelioPower $SPWRA

Kent Miller builds on solar and related energy industry experience with move to HelioPower HelioPower,an integrated energy solutions company with nearly 2000 solar and cleanenergy systems engineered and installed since 2001, today announced theappointment of Kent J. Miller to Executive Vice President of Commercial Sales.  HelioPower engineers and constructs integrated energy solutions tosolve the complex

Taking a Look at the Malibu BodhiFest

HelioPower’s Derek Girling will address, “Realizing Your Solar Dreams” at the upcoming 2011 BodhiFest at the Malibu Jewish Center on Sunday, June 19.   BodhiFest brings together numerous traditions ofBuddhism, with yoga, live music, films and more, under the United Dharma banner. Derek trained with the Hopland-based Solar Living Institute and hasworked with hundreds of homeowners

Water Districts and Solar

An unprecedented alignment of financial benefits exists now for water districts to significantly cut energy costs through large scale solarenergy development. Projects up to 1 megawatt (MW) can be developed now with little or no money out of pocket for your water district.  However the fuse isshort!   On 12.31.11 this window closes. Industry veteran, Mo

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Solar Program on Hold

Facing arecord demand for solar rebates, growing safety concerns, and someapparent misinformation to LADWP customers by some solar PV installers,the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) placed a temporary holdon accepting new applications for its Solar Incentive Program, effective at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 8, 2011, for a minimum of 90 days.

PredictEnergy Software Well Received in the Industry

By Mo Rousso Chief Technology Officer, HelioPower Software to monitor and analyze energy use has, historically, beenlimited to power production and consumption monitoring.  The ability toleverage analytics and to do energy optimization has been lacking. However, PredictEnergySM changes all of that.  It is a tool that many of our clients are finding valuable in providing:

Murrieta Solar Friendly City Event March 30

Murrieta isone of the most “solar friendly” cities in southern California.  Notonly is the weather ideal for solar electricity generation, but the city officials have worked hard to create an atmosphere conducive to solarinstallations. On Wednesday, March 30 at 6pm HelioPower will host an open house at the company’s headquarters located at 25767 Jefferson in

Solar Training Empowers Residents with New Job Skills

Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino builds on green initiatives at Maplewood Homes community with job training by HelioPower Gerard Auer, HelioPower program manager, presents solar and smart grid basics at the green job training kick off meeting, March 3. The training session was conducted at the WhitneyYoung Community Center for Maplewood Homes residents. Photo courtesy:HACSB.

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