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The Siemens SST-500 GEO Steam Turbine

Geothermal plants are going to get a new addition to the family of energy assistants. This is because Siemens Energy is releasing a steam turbine that is going to extremely useful to the current state of how these plants are offered powered. This turbine will assist the power range up to 120 megawatts. A New

Choosing the Right Solar Energy Installer in Costa Rica

The implementation of  ICE’s Net Metering, Distributed Generation solar energy program has created a rapid increase for the demand of quality installed, solar energy systems amongst home and business owners in Costa Rica. Spurred by the country’s already high, rising cost of electricity, ICE’s progressive solar energy program encourages energy consumers to produce their own

Has Apple Improved their Sustainability Efforts?

With the declining progress of environment in today’s world, many movements enter the scene to prevent it. Manufacturers begin to use eco-friendly materials to produce products that will help save the environment. However, recurring reports are against Apple’s “contribution” to the ecosystem. In the past few years, Apple has been faced with issues regarding the

Fuel Efficiency: The Road Ahead

Automakers are under pressure to meet the demands of the Federal Government’s fuel efficiency standards and the American public’s demand for reasonably priced vehicles. 20 years from now, automakers will no doubt have the technology figured out, but in the meantime both they and consumers may be in for a bumpy ride. The Standards The

Green Buildings Go Mainstream

For a long time, advocates of green living have had to endure some level of ridicule. And although once relegated to the fringes of mainstream public opinion, champions of sustainable solutions to the increasing problems associated with over-consumption may end up having the last laugh. More and more, sustainable living practices are making their way

In Focus: Energy Efficient Smart Home Technology

Since most of us spend of our time at home when we’re not working, it makes sense for us to be aware of our energy consumption when we are there. For that reason, there are a lot of home technologies that help us to monitor our energy consumption and even save energy in the process.

How Green is the Internet?

If the Internet were a country it would rank fifth in the world for energy usage according to a recent report from Greenpeace. For those of you keeping track at home, that meansthat data centers around the world use more energy annually than Indiaor Germany. The report, released in April this year, examined theenergy footprint

For Smart Grid Technology to Flourish, Upgrades are Needed

Smart grid technology is quickly moving from theory to reality inmany parts of the United States. The technology consists of a group ofnew energy delivery techniques based on ideas that started over 100years ago in the mind of Nikolai Tesla. He saw a world where power wasdelivered on demand from a centralized power generator, going

How Smart Home Automation Can Save Future Energy

If you’re anything like me, the outlook right now for powering yourhome is looking abysmal. Oil prices are at an all-time high. We’retrying to get away from burning coal, but radiation leaks after theJapanese tsunami are making everyone question. Unfortunately all ofthese occurrences point to us using power sources which are bothinefficient and bad for

Transparent Solar Panels Developed for Windows

The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) which is part of the U. S. DOEhas come up with a thin-film material that can be used in transparentsolar panels. This breakthrough discovery may have far-reaching impacts. According to the LANL, “The new material is a semiconducting polymer spiked with ‘fullerenes’ – soccer-ball-shaped, cage-like molecules composed of 60

Bluenergy SolarWind Helical Hybrid Turbine Uses Dual Technology

I’ve talked about helical wind turbines before such as the Helix.I’ve also many times talked about the merits of solar energy. But, whatif you could combine these two types of renewable energy systems intoone device? A company called Bluenergy has done just that. The Bluenergy SolarWind turbine is a helical wind generatorcovered with photovoltaic cells.

Green Tech Bull Market Pulls Back

It’s no secret that if you’ve been watching the green tech industryand green tech stocks that there has been a bull market charging aheadsince March 2009 when the Dow hit a low of in the 6,500’s. And in thisbull market, renewable energy companies across the board were going upin price. But, last week, the stock

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