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Solar iPhone Charger by Dexim

Irritated that your Apple iPhone keeps running out of charge every nowand then? Need to keep yourself in touch and entertained all the time?Well, you could opt for a solar charger to keep it juiced all the time,if the sun shines in your favor that is. Dexim HQ came up with the solar powered P-Flip

Retired Jews in Florida Get Solar Golf Cart

The horse carriage rides in the Cocoa Village will now seem somewhat old and boring, probably because they’ll need to face the heat of the solar powered golf carts that will soon rumble down the streets of theshopping district. Let those horses retire in green pastures, while youtread around the village in these eco-friendly carts.

The Solar Transit Shelter Bus Stop

Remember the darkened out bus stop we usually catch in thriller movies, with ahapless victim waiting for the storm to pass while a predator droolsnearby? Well, it probably wont be so dark out there anymore, ifHollywood decides to use the Transit Shelter that is. Arato Designs hascreated this innovative design, a bus stop powered by

Sanyo Completes Battery Factory

Eco-friendly vehicles of the future will now have something more to make them closer to reality. Out go the days of gasoline guzzling carbonemitting cars that we’ve been using for decades. The world is nowrolling out a red carpet for these clean green cars that are receivingtechnology boosts day by day. Sanyo now has a

TSMC Starts Construction on New Eco-friendly Wafer Plant

Taiwanese chip maker TSMC has recentlystarted up on its newest project, a green one that too, with theconstruction of its third 300mm wafer plant. Now we aren’t talking about those oily potato chips and wafers, we’re going on about those greenchips you usually find in gadgets. Located in Taichung’s Central TaiwanScience Park, the new Fab

Spain Now World’s Largest Producer of Solar Thermal

Spain has something more to celebratebesides winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The country has become theworld’s largest producer of solar thermal energy, thanks to the LaFlorida solar farm in Alvarado. The country also proudly plays home tothe world’s biggest solar power plant. Using a thermal system withmolten salt batteries and a parabolic trough technology,

Solar Gadget Chargers Continue to Hit the Market

If you are a travel-freak who loves keeping electronic gadgets close athand and working, here’s something just for you, a portable solarcharger. Now going out needs a whole lot of planning, and if yourdestination is he center of a forest or atop a mountain, you certainlywon’t find a charging port to juice up your devices.

Times Square’s First 100% Solar Billboard by Ricoh

Times Square, the iconic, brightly lit part of New York, will now have a dash of green to it. And no, we aren’t talking about a huge billboardwith bright green lights. We’re talking about the first 100% solarpowered billboard that has recently been completed by Ricoh at TimesSquare, New York. A leading provider of digital

The T3 solar powered robot for green playtime

Solar power is slowly but surely invading our lives, for a betterfuture. It’s now toys that go solar powered, instead of drainingbatteries. The sun is ever generous and has been shining down on us foras long as humankind can remember. It was until a few decades ago thatwe learnt the use of solar power. And

LA’s Solar Shadeport to Power Air Force Base

We’ve heard of airports like the Page Field General Aviation Airport in Southwest Florida and the Le Castellet International Airport in the South of France using solarpower to juice them up. It’s about time Air Force bases take the hintand start going solar too. And that’s exactly what the Los Angeles AirForce Base has done,

Solar XOF1 Drives Over Arctic Ocean

We’ve heard of the XOF1’s adventures before. Well, this solar powered flying-saucer-lookalike car has jumped yet another hurdle on its solar powered journey. Driver andproject leader, Marcelo da Luz, drove across the treacherously frozenArctic Ocean on a biting cold journey that lasted around 9.5 hours. Travelling at 70kmph over smooth ice, the solar powered carhad

Wake Forest Granted Fiber Solar Cell Patent

Wake Forest University in North Carolina has been granted a patent fornewsolar-cell technology that it says can double the electricity outputcompared toflat solar cells on the market today.  The University received the patent for fiber-based solar cells from theEuropeanPatent Office and applications to the U.S. Patent Office are pending and thetechnology has been licensed to FiberCell

CIGS-solar-cell.jpg After a lot of head-scratching and brain storming, the guys at the Research Center for Photovoltaics at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) came up with a record-breaking flexible solar submodule

After a lot of head-scratching and brain storming, the guys at theResearch Center for Photovoltaics at the National Institute of AdvancedIndustrial Science and Technology (AIST) came up with a record-breakingflexible solar submodule. Using a CIGS thin film, a solar cell material, this monolithically integrated flexible solar cell submodule has theworld’s highest photovoltaic energy conversion efficiency

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