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In Focus: New-age Building Materials

No matter how careful we are with turning off electrical devices in an attempt to save energy, we tend to waste some of it every single day. There is no perfect system forinsulation that will keep every last particle of heated air in the home. Electronic devices are so intertwined with the modern life that it

The 6 Coolest Recycling Initiatives

Of all the challenges humans face today, one of our most daunting is the eternal buildup of sold waste from our “disposable society.” This problem is relatively new when compared to the rest of our short history on this globe. Yet it has taken only a few short years to accumulate enough garbage to create

Dual Carbon Battery: Will it Solve EV Problems?

Some of the most vexing problems associated with EVs regard battery range, charging time, and life-cycle limitations driven by non-standard use. However, at least two of these objections may be resolved, if Japanese-owned and operated  Power Japan Plus (PJP) has anything to say about it. According to the company, PJP has recently perfected a new battery

Skylock: The Solar Powered Lock

If you’re a bike owner, you know there’s nothing worse than the fear of having your primary mode of transportation stolen. Or worse yet, the fear of what would happen to you if you got in a major cycling accident and no one was around to help you. A new product called Skylock looks to solve both

Chrysler Group: Betting on a Hybrid Future

Newly mandated EPA auto-range mandates calling for an average of up to 55 MPG by 2025, have forced Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne to look toward hybrid power in order to meet his company’s future regulatory demands. “Hybrids (will) become a very large component of (our) fleet,” he said today while dedicating the company’s new

Carvana Announces First Pre-Owned Tesla Offer Online

Phoenix-based auto-seller Carvana has announced the nation’s first offer of a pre-owned Tesla Model S online. Even though the new program relates to units specifically sourced by Carvana from private parties, any related news must be seen as clearly supportive of the San Carlos Company, particularly given its problems with their own direct-selling model in

Toyota and Tesla: Partnership Over?

“In partnering with Tesla, there might have been a message that Toyota was looking at the possibility of a wider partnership with the Silicon Valley manufacturer,” he continued. “But (Toyota) can’t even give (the RAV4) away. (So) why continue doing this?” Clearly, the suggestion of a wider partnership was on the table when Toyota put

FUTUREWATCH: Solar Powered Robotic Bees

Hey, remember those robotic bees that were going to save our species from extinction – or at least, from greatly reduced produce options? Okay, so it’s not quite a reality yet – but that hasn’t stopped Greenpeace from imagining what our world would look like if and when we actually need a robotic insect to keep the

The New Nissan e-NV200

Nissan has initiated production at its new Barcelona facility in association with the new, all-electric e-NV200 cargo/passenger van. The company asserts that the new plant will be employed as the central point for global delivery of the new vehicle. The plant’s initial 100 million euro investment (U.S. $139 million) will consume a first financial tranche,

In Focus: Google’s Self Driving Cars

By now, you’ve probably heard about Google’s self-driving car and, consequently, how it could revolutionize the future of transportation (not to mention, the auto industry). Self-driving cars that can ‘speak’ to each other would mean fewer traffic jams, faster travel, and as a result fewer emissions. If those self-driving cars were electric vehicles powered by clean energy as well, our

In Focus: The Hyundai Tucson FCEV

With an EV/HEV/PHEV market projecting a total share growth of up to 4% by end of the year, eco-sellers should be feeling pretty good. However, an innovative product, referred to as theHyundai ix35 Tucson, is quietly rolling into dealerships in the west. Consequently, if reasonable sales numbers follow accordingly, the vehicle’s emergence could signal the beginning

In Focus: Solar Powered Gadgets

At a time when we’re all becoming more dependent on our electronic gadgets, power prices are soaring. It’s hard to imagine life without our laptops, smartphones, tablet computers and all of the other electronics we use every day, and it can be hard to strike a balance between using less power and keeping up with

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