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In Focus: Micro Solar

You often hear about home solar and megawatt solar projects, but micro solar devices are also important energy sources for both the developing world and for consumers in our own industrial world. Micro solar, sometimes referred to as “pico solar,” are portable solar chargers that typically consist of a small photovoltaic panel, some type of

The SunJack 20W Portable Solar Charger

Harold Tan, one of the team members at GoGreenSolar.com, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to build and market SunJack, the world’s most portable 20-Watt solar charger and battery pack for off-grid applications and emergency mobile power. The campaign will also benefit the rural villages of Papua New Guinea with smoke-free lighting and energy. As an off-grid

Microinverters vs. String Inverters

If you’re a homeowner or an installer doing residential or small scale commercial solar installations, you essentially have three choices for converting the solar system’s DC power into AC power: You can either go with new microinverters or with string inverters—with or without DC power optimizers. All will work, but there are differences, especially in

The Problem With Solar Permitting

Experience any roadblocks while trying to pull a permit for a photovoltaic (PV) system in your city?   Paying too much?  You’re not alone.  Getting your PV system a permit can be a daunting task for both customers and installers. According to report by Clean Power Finance, about 23% of PV installations cost more than expected.   More

In Focus: The US-China Solar Trade Dispute

In case you missed it, the International Trade Commission (ITC) has agreed to consider adding (more) restrictive tariffs to imported Chinese solar panels. Why this is happening, who’s behind the dispute, and what will happen to solar panel prices and installation costs if the suit moves forward are complicated questions—but important ones for both installers

Teaching Kids About The Sun

Brightening Lessons: Outdoor Experiments to Teach Children About the Sun The best way for your kids to learn about the sun is to get out in it!  There are some things that just can’t be learned on the Internet, but there are plenty of activities that can be done in your backyard that will get

Surface Area Needed to Solar Power the World

How much surface area would be needed to power the whole world with solar panels? 496,805 Square kilometers or 191,817.483 square miles Just to give you an idea of what this would actually look like, take a look at the image below. This info-graphic shows the cumulative surface area required to power the entire planet with

INFOGRAPHIC: Big Companies Going Solar

Agree or disagree: Wal-Mart is a socially-conscious, altruistic corporation that installed 89MW of solar because it was the right thing to do. Let’s put it this way- Walmart wouldn’t install 89 Megawatts of solar (or 3.86 Million 230W solar panels) if it didn’t make financial sense. Wal-Mart now has a greater solar capacity than 38 states combined.  The

In Focus: Solar Survival Kits

The last thing you want to worry about after a real-life emergency is a dying cell phone battery. Accurately preparing for an emergency can be tricky but there are a few steps you can take to rule out some potential troubles.  Take what precautions your can by assembling a survival kit that’s complete with backup solar

INFOGRAPHIC: Solar in 2013

Visualize what’s happening with solar right now. Q2 2013 was solar’s second largest quarter yet and we’re looking at wrapping up another record-breaking year.   The cost of an average solar panel has declined by over 60% since 2011.   These falling prices, along with new financing options, has made solar more attractive to financially

Solar Power International (SPI) 2013!

In 2012, PV installations grew a head-turning 76 %.    Q3 of 2013 has surpassed that of last year and experts suggest that photovoltaics will have grown 29% over 2013.  Solar professionals will be meeting to discuss the future of solar, attend educational seminars, exchange ideas, and show off the latest in solar technology. Don’t

In Focus: Solar vs. Utilities

Recently-amended energy bill, AB 327, awaits signature from Governor Brown Just a couple of months ago, California Assembly Bill 327 was met with fierce criticism from solar advocates throughout California. It was this rallying cry of opposition, however, that ultimately resulted in key revisions to this bill, making it a step in the right direction

Why Solar Panels Need to be Tested for Hail

Are solar panels tested for hail, golf balls, or other kinds of impact? If solar panels are broken by some kind of impact, is this damage covered by the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty? If you’re about to drop thousands of dollars on a solar system that’s supposed to last a few decades, you obviously want

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