California and Arizona: Full Solar Ahead

California and Arizona: Full Solar Ahead

Arizona and California solidified their reputation as national leaders in solar energy production and installation following several solar arrays recently being constructed in the states. With more people and businesses realizing the benefits of solar energy around the country, solar installations in the Grand Canyon State and the Golden State are going up at a

Solar Reliability Examined by ASU Polytechnic Project

Students from Arizona State University Polytechnic recently partnered with SRP on a solar energy project that is expected to make green energy sources more reliable. Many people are confused about solar energy, and believe that residential solar power systems are independent and immune to a widespread outage, according to the Arizona Republic. In reality, most

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West Goes Solar

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West is known as a National Historic Landmark and home to the architect’s archive of designs and school of architecture, with about 100,000 visitors annually. This month, Wright’s Scottsdale winter home and current training ground for aspiring architects installed solar technology to offset energy costs. More than 4,000 solar panels were

U.S DOT Promotes Solar Initiatives

The Department of Transportation is doing its best to improve green energy use across the country with several initiatives to save taxpayers millions of dollars. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is using Earth Day as a reason to increase environmental awareness in the country in order to reduce the United States’

Six Walmart Stores Go Solar in Colorado

Walmart recently expanded its solar commitment to Colorado by partnering with SolarCity to begin six new solar projects, which will reduce air pollution and help the state get closer to its renewable energy goals. Walmart marked its 100th solar installation in the United States and moved the company closer to its long-term goal of using

Arizona: #3 in Solar Energy Production

Arizona has solidified its reputation as a world leader in solar energy, with a recent report indicating how robust the solar market is in the state. According to the 2011 U.S. Solar Market Insight Report from the Solar Energy Industries Association, Arizona ranks third in the nation in terms of solar system installation, which was

Clean Power Research Grabs $850K Grant

Research will soon be conducted by Clean Power Research, which develops analytic tools for the renewable energy industry, in order to determine how much cloud cover affects the performance of large solar-power arrays. Clean Power Research will conduct the research thanks to an $852,260 grant from the California Public Utilities Commission to develop new simulations

Scottsdale Schools Go Solar

Arizona has become one of the leading states in the country in solar power production and a recent installation is continuing the trend. The Scottsdale Unified School District will soon unveil its newest solar power project, which will provide shade at Chaparral and Desert Mountain high schools, in addition to saving the schools money. The

California’s Fastest-Growing Solar Cities

California has become one of the top states in the country in clean energy production, with solar energy growing rapidly throughout the Golden State. SunRun, one of the leading home solar companies in the country, recently announced the fastest-growing solar cities in California, in conjunction with the release of the company’s year-end reports. The cities

Santa Clara Bus Station Goes Solar

The rate of California solar installation has increased drastically in the past several years, sparking a clean energy transformation in the state that has proven to save millions of dollars, which are now being allotted for other purposes. Continuing with the trend, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority recently partnered with clean energy companies in

Solar from Plants at MIT

A combination of biology and electronics has led to progress in the efforts to make low-cost solar cells from plants. A recently published paper in Scientific Reports described an improved method for making biophotovoltaics that produce electricity without complicated laboratory equipment that was previously needed. The researchers announced that custom-designed chemicals can mix with green

Can Explosive Chinese Solar Market Support Global Industry?

While solar markets continue to grow around the world, China has emerged as one of the fastest-growing proponents of the critical technology. Market research firm Solarbuzz released its Asia Pacific Major PV Markets Quarterly for the fourth quarter of 2011, revealing that the continent’s solar market grew by a staggering 165 percent through all of

Solar Shingles: Making Solar Less Ugly

Different homeowners have given different reasons for not wanting to invest in solar installations. Some worry about the up-front cost or the value of their home, though that argument is quickly fading away. Others question whether the technology is effective, though again those ranks are steadily disappearing. But one still common complaint from some people

Cape Cod Embraces Solar

Few places seem a more appropriate setting for solar installations than the beach. The open ocean provides clear sight of the the sun without the shadows that can prove so frustrating for homeowners elsewhere. And that only supports the natural, if perhaps less rational, feeling that solar power makes sense in a place where people

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