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In Focus: Solar Gadgets at CES 2014

In Focus: Solar Gadgets at CES 2014

For this modern day, practical and energy hungry world, solar gadgets are not less than any boon. The world technology innovators are in a rush to design solar powered, eco-friendly gadgets that greatly reduce our energy consumption and replace the traditional, emitting ones. In this article, you will study some of the best solar powered

Energy Sources of the Future

Nature has provided us with abundant natural resources for producing energy. Our duty is to recognize and utilize them appropriately. Stored non-renewable energy sources like gas, coal and oil will soon get finished. According to well-researched data, the coal, natural gas and petroleum resources will be finished in about next 70 years. Precautionary measures have

In Focus: Solar Powered Factories

You probably have read or heard how industrialization has damaged our environment. The factories around the world are responsible for churning out daily staples and necessary products without which we cannot imagine life. Industrialization may have contributed to the rising rates of environment pollution but it has also helped in the progress of the human

Green is the New Black

Going green has become one of the most popular catchphrases of late. Green is everywhere, we will even go ahead and say that green is the new black. Green is the new black Black is classy, black is forever, black is also one of the most harmful colors when it comes to leaving carbon footprint

Using Solar to Produce Water in Deserts

Project by IBM in Saudi Arabia IBM in collaboration with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), are trying to produce large amount of water at affordable price using solar energy. They are planning to combine new water filtering technology with new solar energy technology to desalinate seawater. KACST wants to develop an industry around

HOW TO: Setting Up A Solar Power Generator

1.Start with calculating the required power. Choose the most suitable electronic devices to use and find out their power consumption in terms of ‘Watt-hours” (Wh). You can do this by multiplying the wattage ratings of the devices by the usage hours. Finally, find the total of the Watt-hours you have found. 2.Consider the site where

In Focus: Green Football

Being environmentally friendly is a new popular trend that many try to incorporate in various aspects of their lives. We eat foods that are organically grown, wear clothes that are made with fibers that are organic and are made in eco-friendly factories. A lot of modern homes are also designed to be environmentally friendly; they

Nuclear Power vs. the Environment

Nuclear power is probably the strongest thing on the earth; it generates a lot of electricity that can power many cities at a time. Its biggest disadvantage is that it is extremely volatile and has to be monitored throughout the day; nuclear waste is a big problem that takes over 100,000 years to disintegrate. So

Top 5 Vertical Farming Ideas

As cities continue to be plagued with issues relating to space constraints and carbon footprints, various methods are being devised to make them sustainable. Since farming is known to take up space, it has become impossible to procure land for the purpose owing to congested residential areas in the cities. Thus, there has been a

How Green is 3D Printing?

Sometime back everyone thought 3D Printing was a greener option compared to other traditional manufacturing technologies. However, that belief might just be too naïve. The reality is that society is becoming more matured and wiser and hence the jury is still out. 3D Printing – The Advantages Before going to the bad news, let us

FUTUREWATCH: Wearable Gadgets

Wearable gadgets like timepieces, smartphone watches, high tech glasses and even hearing aids have been around for quite some time. However, in the future we may well see the wearable gadgets segment burgeon even further. Here are a few cool self-powered and totally wearable gadgets for the future. The biKini by Andrew Schneider The biKini

The 6 Coolest Solar Laptop Chargers

Even after the advent of tablets and notebooks, laptops are still the best work companion. Lots of storage space and a high speed, powerful processor make laptops very user friendly. We would like to take our laptops with us wherever we go and get some work done on our way. But travelling, camping and outdoor

Calling All Nerds: Top 5 Eco Laptop Cases

If you are a nature lover and wish to work toward environment protection in all modern ways, here is something you would love for your most important gadget, your laptop. Check out a range of green laptop cases that are environmentally friendly, as well as uniquely stylish and modern to look at. You would fall

China’s Urbanization: Can it Be Eco-Friendly?

China is one of the biggest and the highest populated nations of the world. Beijing is the capital city of China. For the past many years, the country has been progressing a lot in the field of urbanization and rapid industrialization. Today, it is one of the biggest economic powers of the globe. Economics forecast

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