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Solar + Batteries = End of Utilities?

Solar + Batteries = End of Utilities?

Rooftop solar panels combined with battery storage have very real potential to destroy the reigning grid utility model, according to a study released this week by the Rocky Mountain Institute. And the destruction could happen quickly. “We weren’t really surprised to see that it could happen,” said Jon Creyts, RMI managing director. “What surprised us

Utilities Killed Arizona’s Solar Industry

Arizona was one among just a couple of states in the country that lost solar jobs in 2013, according to the recent Solar Jobs Census released by the Solar Foundation. Solar advocates say the more than 1,200 solar jobs lost in the state last year could have been the result of a threatening battle with utility Arizona

In Focus: Rooftop Solar Battles

Rooftop solar has a lot of momentum and the support of a massive populous behind it. But will it be enough to storm the sturdy castle gates of long-established utility institutions? Battles between utilities and the solar industry are beginning to rage all over the country, but one thing is clear – the war is just getting

Rooftop Solar: Adding Jobs Left and Right

Thanks in large part to the increasing attractiveness of rooftop solar installations, the solar industry added one of every 142 new jobs created in the United States last year, according to the annual National Solar Jobs Census released this week by nonprofit The Solar Foundation. “When you install a solar panel, you create a local job

Arizona Rooftop Solar Applications Drop After Tax

In the first nine days since Arizona Public Service imposed its $5 per month maximum fee on rooftop solar customers, new net metering applications have been a fraction of what they were in 2013. The Arizona Republic reported last week that the utility took 41 applications for new net-meteredrooftop solar installations. Before the new fee went into

Utilities: Scared of Rooftop Solar Growth

Californians installed nearly as much rooftop solar in 2013 as they did over the last 30 years. The state topped 1,000 megawatts of solar energy in early 2013, making headlines all over the country. But, at the close of the year, the California Public Utilities Commission reported 1,917 megawatts of rooftop solar – nearly twice what it

2013: The Year Solar Beat Utilities

Several utilities lost fights to reduce net metering payments forrooftop solar this year. “It’s the end of the year and it’s time to count the wins and the losses,” said Bryan Miller, , co-chair of The Alliance for Solar Choice and VP of public policy and power markets for Sunrun. “The utilities launched a coordinated

SolarCity Teams with Tesla on Energy Storage Financing for Businesses

Adding to its financed offerings, SolarCity partnered with Tesla Motors to offer Tesla battery technology to SolarCity’s new commercial customers. The idea behind the battery storage technology is to help businesses offset their peak-demand electric use and provide energy to critical operations during blackouts. The battery storage system can be charged by the customer’s solar

EVERY New Power Plant in October was Solar

Utilities cut the ribbons on several new solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants in October.  And all 530 megawatts of the country’s new electricity capacity is coming from solar plants, according to a recent report from analytics and research firm SNL Financial. While 530 megawatts is about equivalent to a single mid-size natural gas

Solar Pipeline is 43 Gigawatts Strong!

There are enough solar photovoltaic installations in the pipeline to power 6 million households. NPD Solarbuzz, an industry research and analytics firm, found that U.S. solar developers have more than 43 gigawatts of projects in varying stages of planning and construction on the board. While many of the projects won’t be completed, many will and

Google Beefs Up Solar Portfolio

Google might help the world search for just about—well, everything, but when the search and mobile giant is looking for investments, it’s increasingly turning to solar. On Nov. 14, Google joined forces with KKR and Recurrent Energy, investing in six more solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities that are being developed by Recurrent Energy. In all, the

Charlotte Airport Goes Solar

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport aims to join dozens of other airports around the country in a trend toward decorating with solar panels. The North Carolina airport issued a request for proposals this week asking companies to pitch a massive airport solar array that could be the largest in the state and would likely beat

Solar to Reach Global Grid Parity by 2020

Solar photovoltaic installations will be cost-competitive with more traditional electricity sources by 2020, according to a report released earlier this week. Navigant Research, a firm dedicated to researching emerging technology markets for investors, recently released its Solar PV Market Forecast. The report explores the increasing affordability of solar as well as the expiring incentives and

Illinois Solar Falls Behind Goal

The state’s renewable energy portfolio standard demands that by June 2014, 18.4 percent of its electricity come from renewable energy sources, primarily solar power.  But a flaw in the system set up to buy renewable energy credits has prevented rooftop solar investment and has kept the state from buying the credits it needs from those

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