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Astralux Solar Energy Partners Program Flourishes in Fort Collins Community

One Fort Collins community is taking full advantage of thesubstantial group discounts offered by the Astralux Energy Partners Program. Thus far 8 households in thisneighborhood have committed to going solar. Client services representative Osea Nelson helped build this group of solar enthusiasts. "It’s greatto see entire communities going solar – we are able to give

Eliminating the Risk of Solar Adoption

Thewidespread acceptance of solar energy will require the solar PV industry to mature to the level necessary for adoption amongst the entirepopulation, not just the early adopters and green enthusiasts. There are several common concerns amongst current and potential solar buyers, more so for those population groups that are less inclined toadopt a new or

Adoption Characteristics of Solar Energy

Everett Rogers popularized the Diffusion of Innovations in 1962, atheory of how and why new ideas and technologies are adopted by apopulation. The adoption of solar energy can be analyzed through thefollowing intrinsic characteristics that influence a purchase decision: Relative AdvantagePotential solar energy adopters want to know how electricity generatedby a solar system is better

Best Time to Purchase Solar Energy in Colorado?

One of the most frequent questions we get as a solar energyintegrator is "Why should I buy now, won’t the price of solar keepcoming down?" For the last 12 months, the price of solar has come downdrastically, as much as 30% in some cases. However, the rebates forsolar have also dropped by virtually the same

Astralux at the 2010 Colorado Garden and Home Show

Link: Forthe 3rd straight year, Astralux Solar will have a booth at the largestshow in the west. 60,000 people are expected to attend the 48th annualColorado Garden & Home Show. This is the LARGEST consumer show heldin the Colorado Convention Center and boasts the highest attendance. Come visit us at Booth #530. The show

Black Hills Energy Solar Rebate to Drop

Following in Xcel Energy’s footsteps, Black Hills Energy is reducingthe solar rebate for small category systems in Colorado (less than10kW). The rebate will drop from $3.50 per watt down to $2.70 per watt,a reduction of 23%. This $0.80 per watt reduction in the Black Hills Energy solar rebate will be effective at Midnight tonight (January

Vote Astralux’s Jesse Malcomb for the Upcoming CoSEIA BOD Election

Our own Jesse Malcomb is running for one of the three availableBoard of Director seats for the Colorado Solar Energy IndustriesAssociation (CoSEIA). Read his bio below and remember to vote byJanuary 13th. Following my passion for alternative energies, I currently serve asthe VP of Business Development at Astralux Power Systems. With thisposition, I have been

Astralux wins GEO NEED Grant for Alamosa Farm Solar Project

Gov. Bill Ritter announced the award of 14 New Energy EconomicDevelopment (NEED) grants to recipients across Colorado for renewableenergy and energy efficiency projects that will help create and retainjobs, strengthen local economies, and save money and energy. TheColorado Governor’s Energy Office created the grants from fundsavailable from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Astralux

Solar Energy: A Retrospective

I set out to write a blog this week addressing the changes people makeand the attitudes they have after they get solar power in their homes.I assumed I would find a plethora of happy customers exalting there newcontribution to the environment, and I also assumed that maybe some hadbecome more lax on their energy conservation

Xcel Proposes Reducing its Solar Rebates by $0.50

On Tuesday, Xcel announced that they are planning to reduce thesolar energy rebates by $0.50 in the next month or two, and they wantto reduce their portion of the rebate to $0.05 by 2014. The SolarRewards program currently provides residential and commercial solarsystems with a $3.50 per watt rebate. This consists of a $2 rebate

How Difficult is it to Go Solar?

It’s not! As advancements are made daily in the solar power world,it can become very confusing to the average homeowner as to how to gosolar, the steps to be taken, and why it is important. Solar power isno longer and seen as being the eyesore on the weird neighbor’s roof,it is becoming a basic necessity

Solar, A Basic Understanding

As the new Solar Energy Marketing and Analysis Intern for AstraluxPower Systems, I came into this position as a new graduate of ColoradoState University with a degree in Business Marketing and a minor inMedia Studies. As you may notice, there is nothing in that title thatis even slightly technical, and no where in my education

Another $9.5 Million to Go Towards Colorado Renewable Energy Rebates

On September 30, 2009 Governor Bill Ritter held a conference callwith U.S. Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, to announce further funding forColorado’s efforts towards cleaner energy. They announced that Coloradowould receive $34 million in federal stimulus money for energyefficiency and renewable energy projects. Of that money, $9.5 millionis allocated to expand the Renewable Energy Rebates and

Astralux’s Energy Partners Program Heats Up

Almost two months ago, Astralux introduced the Energy PartnersProgram™ and it has quickly become a huge hit. Part of our newlyintroduced SolarCare™ Package – the Energy Partners Program offerssubstantial rebates to Astralux customers who gather 3 or more peoplein their neighborhood or community to go solar. These group rebates canbe as high as $500 per

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