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IKEA Goes Big on Solar

IKEA Goes Big on Solar

In an unprecedented move for a furniture retailer of the likes of Ikea, the company is now actively entering the solar market and stands to make a huge impact in the spread of solar energy in the UK. As the world’s largest furniture retailer, Ikea has store locations worldwide with a massive surface area to work with, a

Apple Claims Green is Still A Priority

One thinks of Apple CEO Tim Cook as being an extremely calm person, but he drew a hard line against a conservative faction of shareholders who complained that the company should focus entirely on its bottom line, and knock off its demand for renewable energy and its participation in other sustainability initiatives aimed at stemming climate

Will Technology Get Us Environmental Science Answers?

Everyone is towards being the leader on everything. Talk about globalization, every country wants to take the lead and become the leading country. Because of this, workforce and industrialization are set on fire with no reasons to hold back, and with no slight regret if there are other concerns being detoured. And by that concern,

Cheaper Solar Panels at What Cost?

As the Chinese government offers subsidies to manufacturers in order to sell the panels for less than cost, cheap solar panels flood the global market making it more difficult for others to compete. As everyone is scurrying to provide more efficient means for delivering solar power, these manufacturers are able to dominate the global market. This, in turn, has

Why Solar is Beating Wind

Renewable energy helps sustain energy in a way that is protective of the environment. However, the renewable energy market is equally just as important to the stability of the financial market. Specifically, solar energy has made a rapid expansion on our planet during the past decade. Recently, the renewable source of energy surpassed the growth

Passive Solar in the Home

While solar power has become prevalent in the mainstream construction business in the past decade, passive solar design has been used around the world for thousands of years. Ceramic tiles and stones walls in the Mediterranean made it possible to keep homes cool even under the scorching heat of the summer sun. Likewise, small window

Mercedes + Tesla = B-Class Electric Drive

Electric cars are gaining serious momentum, and the number of car makers that start investing in electric vehicle technology is constantly increasing, as they realize that the demand for this type of vehicles is only going to go up in the future. Although Mercedes-Benz entered the electric car market a bit later than its competitors,

Teaching Kids about Solar Power

Raising conscious kids can be a fun and exciting adventure. Teachable moments for your intelligent, curious little ones are available each and every day. Take, for example, the sun: an incredible resource that provides light and heat and makes life on Earth possible. It is completely free and offers the benefit of solar energy without

In Focus: Greening Your Future

The solar power movement has seen a lot of advancement in the recent years. In Australia, there is more than 2,412 MW of installed photovoltaic power. Approximately 1,000 MW of that came about in 2012 alone. These massive changes occurred even though the masses aren’t yet convinced by the benefits. Regardless, implementing solar power and

Tesla: Working on Driverless Cars

It looks like the driverless car game is about to become much more competitive than it has been so far, as electric car company Tesla Motors has started working on an autonomous car project, and we should be able to see the results of that project in about three years. This means that Google should

Testa Produce Goes Green

The people of Testa Produce, Inc. have started to do what they can to reduce their company’s carbon footprint. For example, two of the delivery trucks that they purchased this year are all-electric vehicles, but they don’t plan to stop there. They also have plans to purchase 10 more trucks that use compressed natural gas

Texas: Dropping the Solar Ball?

With enough solar energy to power almost 12,000 homes and employ 3,200 Texans, deregulation in the state policy since 2002, you might think the Lone Star State is at the forefront of the solar energy industry. However, the sunny state only ranks 13th in the nation for its installed solar capacity, outpaced by even small states

Ford Entering Electric Bike Industry

I often caution cleantech entrepreneurs to make sure they confine their business concepts to arenas in which much larger and moneyed competitors will not enter and immediately squash them.  An example I often give (or gave) was electric transportation.  If you offer a freeway-speed electric sedan, you’re competing with Nissan and the rest. However, it’s

Oy Vey: Cost of Climate Change is $60 TRILLION?

What’s the real imperative of the migration to renewable energy and cutting back our consumption of fossil fuels via efficiency and conservation?  Might you say: Climate change? We’ll, that certainly one good answer.  Of course, there are half a dozen others:  dealing with peak oil, health issues, ocean acidification, the loss of biodiversity, human hostility,

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