Concept Solar Streetlights from Lighting Science Group

lighting science groups prolific series roadway led streetlight_3

Lighting Science Group has created a new range of LED streetlights that run entirelyindependent of local power grids. The sustainable streetlights harvestsolar energy to power a series of energy saving lights, which are beingclaimed to be more efficient that regular HID streetlights.

lighting science groups prolific series roadway led streetlight_2

The new PROLIFIC Series Roadway Streetlights are being installed on a 14 mile stretch of Mexico City’s elevated Viaducto Bicentenariosuperhighway. The developers state that their 100W, 5000K streetlightsare more efficient and require less maintenance than regular HIDstreetlights. Moreover the lights are designed to run off a low voltageDC current, which can come from renewable sources of energy.

Via: Gizmag



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