Concentrix Solar Expands in the U.S.

Strengthening its presence in the US market for solar power plants,Concentrix Solar GmbH, a leading supplier of concentrator PV (CPV)systems and a division of the Soitec Group (Euronext Paris), haslaunched a US-based subsidiary, hired additional industry professionalsand won listing from the California Energy Commission.

Concentrix Solar’s utility-scale power plant technology is proven and commercially ready for large scale deployment with all the key capabilities in place for increasing the company’s business in the US.

"With thedevelopment and growing importance of solar farms in the U.S., the timeis right for us to form our US venture," said Hansjorg Lerchenmuller,CEO of Concentrix Solar. "Due to our CPV technology’s extremeefficiency, modularity and flexibility, we are prepared to meet theneeds and challenges of the US market."

The company’s new USsubsidiary – Concentrix Solar Inc. – is based in San Diego, whereConcentrix Solar installed a CPV demonstration system in July 2009 totest its solar modules under California’s climate conditions. Since itsinstallation, the 6-kilowatt system has proven exceptional performance,achieving 25 percent efficiency in generating electricity.

Afterevaluating the market potential for Concentrix Solar’s CPV technology,the company decided to open this first U.S. office which will be led bynew general manager of business development, Clark Crawford.

Previously, Crawford led sales and marketing efforts at CPV systems supplierAmonix, Inc. He has a successful track record of securing large-scalecommercial orders of CPV systems, and brings his extensive experience in the solar energy market to Concentrix Solar.

As Concentrix Solar expands its presence in the US, the company’s multi-junction CPV module has achieved a listing with the California Energy Commission (CEC).This listing is vital to doing business in California and a key step infinancing commercial projects with customer companies and state energyutilities.

Concentrix Solar’s CX-75 module has now been listedby the CEC after testing at TUV Rheinland Photovoltaic TestingLaboratory LLC in Tempe, AZ.

Concentrix Solar’s CPV technology is designed for use by large-scale solar power plants in hot, aridregions. With characteristics such as low heat degradation and highdurability, the company’s equipment is well suited for power plantinstallations in the American southwest.

Performance benefitsinclude a constant power-output curve to maintain the electricity supply needed to meet peak-load demands, the ability to operate without active cooling mechanisms, and almost no energy loss at high ambienttemperatures.

These attributes helped Concentrix Solar to win aproject with Chevron Technology Ventures to install the energy giant’sfirst megawatt solar farm in the US at a site in New Mexico, asannounced in February. Construction has begun on this project, whichwill be one of the largest CPV power plants ever built in the US. It isscheduled for completion before the end of this year.

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