Comtec Solar signs wafer supply contracts

HONG KONG: Monocrystalline wafer manufacturer, Comtec Solar Systems hassigned new wafer supply framework agreements with price subject tonegotiation to provide major customers Gintech Energy Corporation,Jetion Solar, CHINT Group Corp. and Neosolar Power Corp. for a total ofapproximately 200MW in monocrystalline solar wafers.

Under theterms of the contracts, Comtec will supply each of the GinTech, Jetion,Chint and Neosolar with approximately 50MW of monocrystalline wafersfrom January 2011 to December 2011.

Company Wafer Supply Deals: 2011
(approximate amounts)

China Sunergy Co. Ltd. 100 MW
JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. 150 MW
Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. 150 MW
Canadian Solar Inc. 50 MW
Gintech Energy Corporation 50 MW
Jetion Solar Holdings Ltd. 50 MW
CHINT Group Corporation 50 MW
Neosolar Power Corporation 50 MW
Total: 650 MW

"I am pleased that, with the strong demand from our major customers, thecommitted orders for 2011 already exceed 600MW which is expected fullcapacity by end of 2010. At the moment, we still cannot fulfill all thedemand from our customers and they keep requesting additionalcommitments for the shipment in 2011. This gives us strong confidencethat we can fill up additional capacity when we ramp up to 1000MW before the end of 2011. Meanwhile, one of our major tasks is to push up theprogress of our additional 400MW expansion plan for 1GW capacity nextyear," said John Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Comtec Solar.

Zhangcontinued: "With the market trend of increasing demand formonocrystalline wafers, customers are becoming more quality consciousthan before. Therefore, we will maintain our focus on product qualityand technology improvement. We are positive that we can leverage on thestrong market demand to secure more contracts in the coming months."

Source: Solarbuzz.


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