Competition in the Green Vehicle Market

Competition for domination in the green car market is fierce. Automakers around the world are racing to come to market with greener vehicletechnologies. New partnerships are being formed and new business models are driving the growth of greener vehicles.

Hybrids and fully electric cars are already on the market around the world. Toyota has the Prius, but it also has a fully electric subcompact car. Honda has the Insight and the carmaker has also announced its intention tolaunch a hybrid version of its Civic and an all-electric car by 2012. Nissan is now selling its affordable all-electric Leaf compact. The Koreans and the Chinese are also getting in on the greener car action.

In North America, General Motors has launched its new Chevrolet Volt electric hybrid car. In Europe, Volkswagen has launched a fleet of award winning hybrid and electric cars in its bid to become a world leader. Volkswagen subsidiaries, Porsche and Audi are also contributing greener cars. Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, BMW, Mercedes and even Jaguar are amongst a number of European carmakers producinghybrid and fully electric cars. There are also a host of less well known entrants into the greener vehicle market, including one from Africa.

From commercial transports, family cars and subcompacts, to supercars, luxury vehicles and SUVs,virtually every niche of the vehicle market now comes with the option of hybrid and fully electric powerplants.



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