Colorado 3rd in Harvesting Solar Energy

A recent study by the IREC found that Colorado is ranked 3rd amongstates in capacity for collecting solar energy through 2008. The topfive were:

California: 528 MW
New Jersey: 70 MW
Colorado: 36 MW
Nevada: 34 MW
Arizona: 25 MW

Now if you take these numbers and factor in the state popluation, you get these figures:

California: 14.56 W / per Person
Nevada: 13.07 W / per Person
New Jersey: 8.06 W / per Person
Colorado: 7.28 W / per Person
Arizona: 3.84 W / per Person

On the global scale, the group’s latest report shows Germany as theworld leader in solar power, with 5,400 megawatts, or about 1 percentof the country’s total generating capacity.



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