Colin Powell Speaks At Wind Energy Conference

colinpowell Colin Powell Speaks At Wind Energy Conference

The industry should fulfil its noble pursuit and ensure there’senough energy for Americans and the rest of the world. Those were someof the words that former Secretary of State Colin Powell said during the American Wind Energy Fall Symposium that took place in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this week (November 17-19).

Powell shared stories about his decades of service as well asmanagement advice, urging industry leaders to “inspire the followers sothat everyone understands one another and are united in a common purpose that is greater than just the goals we are trying to achieve.”

In specific reference to wind power, Colin highlighted the role thatthis renewable source of energy has played in human history, going backto the Venetians who used it to power their sails. Across Europe, windpower was harnessed to move water mills.

He highlighted the industry’s role to make the world independent offossil fuels. “You’re doing much more than building turbines,” he said. “In the coming years there will be a premium on energy activities thatalso protect the environment as the global demand for energy increases.Wind is stimulating economic growth, helping bring people out ofpoverty, and providing one of the cleanest ways to do it.”

He also added that despite being a leader in innovation, the UnitedStates has fallen behind the development of renewable energy, despitethe fact that the world still looks to the country for leadership. Hesaid that in a “flattened world, everything flows through the globalsystem – we cannot shut ourselves off from that just to say we’re safe … We’re Americans, and we’re not afraid of anybody; we have to remain open for business.”

Image Via AWEA