Clear Skies Solar to enter smart grid verification testing for patented technology

Clear Skies Solar (CSS) will commence smart grid verification testingwith Met Laboratories of Baltimore, Maryland to further independentlytest the accuracy of the XTRAX® smart grid monitoring technology.

TheCompany has been awarded patent number 7336201 on its XTRAX datacommunications technology from the United States Patent and TrademarkOffice protecting the intellectual property for a remote energy metersystem and method where a electrical meter communicates with the clientvia a wireless connection link to recover energy production parametervalues.

XTRAX was developed entirely by CSS for the high leveltracking of energy production data and is housed under their technologysubsidiary Carbon 612 Corp. The XTRAX device monitors, collects,transfers and interprets energy data via cellular technology at verylow costs and will be an integral part of the smart grid solution.

"Thissmart grid monitoring system, which we call XTRAX, is an importantsmart grid technology and significantly enhances our overall portfolioof grid-related technologies and services," commented Ezra Green, CEOof Clear Skies Solar. "We have selected Met Laboratories to performthese important ANSI metering standards tests based on its high qualitytesting facilities and its excellent reputation in the industry. Whileour own in-house testing has already shown high levels of accuracy overpredetermined periods of time, we believe it is important to have ourfindings verified independently."

Spending on Smart Gridtechnologies is expected to grow significantly over the coming years,as the US government and major electric utilities seek more efficientways to connect homes and businesses to utilities, to transport moredata, and to use less overall energy.

While estimates offuture spending vary widely, one estimate recently published by PikeResearch indicates that the considerable momentum building toward smartgrid construction could represent $200 billion in total spending by theyear 2015.

Green continued: "We specifically developed thistechnology for small solar power producers, which is one of the fastestgrowing segments of the alternative energy and smart grid constructionindustries. With our proprietary data management software and patentedhardware, we expect to gain a substantial market share based on our lowcost-factor. We believe our revenue opportunities relative to thismarket segment are very significant as we believe we can become thedominant player in the sub 100 kilowatt systems market.

"Weview the overall Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC), carboncredit and production data verification markets to easily exceed $1billion annually. We expect the SREC program in New Jersey alone to bevalued in the hundreds of millions of dollars and with the financialmarkets requiring production backup, sub metering, string verificationand default tracking, we believe our opportunities relative to ourXTRAX technologies are highly significant."

Clear Skies Solar isthe majority shareholder of Carbon 612 Corp and plans on launching theCompany into the commercial markets as soon as the ANSI and UL testingbeing announced is completed


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