China’s Lead on Green Energy Technology: My Interview on Minnesota Public Radio

Earlier this week I appeared on Minnesota Public Radio with Georgetown University’s Joanna Lewisfor 45 minutes of conversation on how China is taking the clean energychallenge by its neck and running with it.  Here’s the full audio tothe discussion:

The show was clearly motivated by the recent New York Times front page storyby Keith Bradsher on the same topic, and to a lesser extent, the seriesof op-eds by New York Times columnist Tom Friedman (see here, here and here). But really, this has been the story of this blog for the two over yearsof its existence.  China is serious about green technologies, but moreimportantly, as I point out in my interview, what distinguishes Chinafrom the United States is its long-term planning, with the Medium andLong Term Development Plan for Renewable Energy, with national targetsfor each renewable energy technology type for 2010 and 2020, being acase-in-point.  Such national targets send clear signals to the marketthat the government is committed to this new low-carbon industry forthe long haul, thus stimulating private and provincial investment.

This discussion dove tails nicely with a presentation I made at RETECH 2010last Thursday (Feb 4) in Washington D.C–that China is adoptingcomprehensive clean energy policy, not just in manufacturing, as we’veall come to understand as China’s strength in the clean energytechnology sector, but also in clean tech innovation and deployment. I’ll post the outline to my presentation at RETECH in a separate post(tomorrow, when I’m finally back in the office  after being locked athome dealing with the D.C area’s biggest snow storm in history).



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