China Teams Up with Zeith Solar

china mep sign China Teams Up with Zeith Solar

On Tuesday, China reinforced its commitment to renewable energy byentering an agreement with an Israeli company specialized in combinedheat and power (CHP).

ZenithSolar signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the EnergyBureau of Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission of thePeople’s Republic of China for cooperation in the development of CHPsolar stations in the Gansu province. The MOU was signed at a ceremonyin the provincial capital Lanzhou.

Under the agreement, ZenithSolar will provide the technology for theinstallation of two 10 megawatt (MW) cogeneration plants based onZenithSolar’s Z20 CHP system.

ZenithSolar says its core technology is based on a unique, proprietaryoptical design to extract maximum energy with minimal land usage. Thesystem provides high electricity output combined with heat attemperatures well suited for domestic hot water use. In addition, theheat can be used for industrial process applications as well as othercogeneration applications. The system has an efficiency of 72%.


The Gansu province of China has a population of near 30 million and islocated in northwestern China approximately 1,200 kilometers fromBeijing. It lies at the edge of the Gobi desert and has the best solarenergy conditions in China and among the best anywhere in the world.

The agreement is focused on two planned facilities to be built in thecities of Jiayuguan and Jinchang. Installation is set to start in 2011.One of the installations will be used to provide electricity and process heat for an industrial plant and the other for a large neighborhood.

Under the terms of the MOU, the Energy Bureau of Gansu will recommendthe use of ZenithSolar’s CHP system for other locations in the GansuProvince after the successful operation of the two pilot plants.

There are also plans for a scientific research center that will providetraining for government institutions, enterprises and individuals tofocus on the development of new solar energy technology.

"ZenithSolar is honored to initiate the Gansu project in a province ofChina that is demonstrating leadership, vision and a long termcommitment to renewable energy, said Roy Segev ZenithSolar’s CEO. Welook forward to the collaboration in order to turn the Gansu projectinto a reality and thereby contribute to China’s ambitious renewableenergy goals."

The Gansu project represents the first large-scale solar collaborationbetween China and ZenithSolar in the field of CHP solar energy. Segevadded the project will give the company the opportunity to demonstratethe technology on a global scale.

Right now, China certainly seems the place to be for renewable energy technology companies. In 2010 it became the leader in wind energy and this week it emerged that it plans to become the world’s largest market for hybrid and electric vehicles with a minimum of five million plug-in hybrid electric cars on thecountry’s roads. The country’s focus on clean technology means companies are increasingly looking to the Asian giant for growth and investmentopportunities.

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