Chin Hua Solar Windows that Produce Energy

solar glass JmvGS 24429 Chin Hua Solar Windows that Produce Energy

Installing huge solar panels on rooftop to cut down on yourelectricity bills is becoming monotonous now. The future calls forsomething more interesting and exciting, may be something liketransparent solar panels. This ingenious creation coming from China iscalled the “Chin Hua solar glass” that generates electricity usingtransparent solar panels.

This unique glass generates electricity, while lighting yourdwelling with ample of natural light. The Chin Hua solar window, asmall, slightly foggy pane that delivers 2W of light in was exhibited at the Taipei’s International Optoelectronics Week. The solar powerefficiency of the glass can be increased by increasing the intensity ofhaziness during manufacturing. Now welcome the first ray of sun to giveyou a power-packed day.

Via: Engadget