Charge your portable devices with the SolarStrap

SolarStrap.jpgIf you love camping, mountain climbing or trekking, or if electricityis a scarce then you would realize how difficult it is for you tocharge your portable gadgets without any electricity points. For suchcircumstances, broad day light can come to your rescue! One such gadgetthat can help you is the SolarStrap. This gadget is compatible with anydevice utilizing a five-volt charging voltag and so you can fullyrecharge your cellular phones, music players, GPS devices and digitalcameras. You can charge SolarStrapt hrough its solar panels or you canopt for accessories like an AC charger or USB cable in case ofemergencies.

The energy is stored in a light-weight battery of 3.7 Whcapacity. You can operate this portable and flexible gadget in atemperature ranging from 0° to 50° Celsius. You can fold the SolarStrapto make it even more portable. When completely open, it is 290 x 97 x16 mm in size and is 144 x 97 x 25 mm in size when folded. It has an ACcharger input capacity of 5.0 – 6.0 V DC and output charge of 5.5 VDC,800 mA and it weighs around 60 g. SolarStrap Portable charger availableat Suntrica.





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