Charge Your Nissan Leaf with Solar

solar powered nissan leaf 3 jfPAc 69 Charge Your Nissan Leaf with Solar

Rising fuel costs have pushed electric vehicles (EVs) to theforefront but having an eco-friendly electric vehicle is still a work in progress. EVs powered by solar electricity seems to slowly gain groundas an eco-friendly money-saver option, thanks to Radio DJ Mark Goodier,who has become the first Briton to run a car power-driven by sunlight.

Goodier uses 12 solar panels to generate electricity. These panelsare put up on the roof of his house in Hampstead, North London. Thepanels efficiently produce enough electricity to charge his car.Surprisingly, he also has some electricity left over to be sold toNational Grid. Thus, Mark Goodier very easily manages to complete his20-mile daily journey free of cost.

His electric Nissan Leaf takes eight hours for one full charge andruns with a speed of 90 miles per hour. The solar panels cost £12,500and have been installed by Dean Keeling from British Gas. Government has decided to pay him £1,200 per year for 25 years. Goodier is more thanhappy about the fact that he no more has to visit petrol stations. Hefeels great when he realizes that he is actually contributing towards agreener environment in his own small way.

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Source: Dailymail