Centron Solar Founder Promises 10% Cheaper Panels

Centron Solarsettled on its name only last month and leased a 25,000-square-footwarehouse within two weeks. It received its $1 million, first shipmentof solar panels from China a week ago.

Does Centron represent an emerging business model in the growing U.S. market? The Oregonian ran an interesting storyabout Centron, which was started by a former Solarfun executive andimports solar panels made by a cluster of companies near Shanghai.These companies produce different components, assemble them into panelsand market them under the Centron brand.

The startup claims it could undercut competitors by pricing its panels at least 10 percent cheaper.

The founder, Ocean Yuan, was the president of the U.S. operation of China-based Solarfun until March this year. Yuan moved to Eugene nearly 20 years ago, but lived in China for a long stretch during that time.

Centron sprung up so quickly that its emergence apparently surprisedOregon’s economic development officials and SolarWorld, the Germancompany with a large factory in that state, according to the Oregonian.

Yuan said he plans to set up panel assembly factories in the United States in the next few years.



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