Central Vermont Public Service Invests in Solar Education

solar educationcenterCentral Vermont Public Service (NYSE-CV) yesterday held the opening ceremony for theirnew Rutland Town solar project and renewable energy education center.The ceremony was attended by CV President Bob Young, Gov. Jim Douglasand representatives of the Stafford Technical Center and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – Local 300. 

The education center features a hydro generation plant, wind measurement tower and a a 50-kilowattsolar project.

The solar project is comprised of 264 solarpanels, mounted eight at a time to create 33 individual, stationarymodules. In optimal conditions it is estimated that the project cangenerate enough electricity to power 50 homes, however, over the courseof an average year (which factors in seasonal variations), it couldprovide enough electricity to power about 10 homes. 

In addition, the education center has six museum-style educationaldisplays that provide visitors with a self-guided look at the array and other forms of renewable energy.

At the opening CV President Bob Young said,
We felt it was important to not just build the solararray, but to make it accessible to the public so people could learnabout the project and renewable energy production. We are quite proudof the fact that we have arguably the cleanest power supply in thenation, but we also wanted to explain in simple terms the complexitiesof renewable energy generation.

The approximately $400,000 project was funded by CVPS, a rebate oninsurance related to the sale of Vermont Yankee, and a grant from theVermont Clean Energy Development Fund.

If you want to visit the facility you can find out more here. After your visit if you want to find out how much you could be savingby going solar fill out our freeevaluation form and we will put you in contact with local Vermontsolar installers who can provide you with no obligation, solar quotesfor your home.



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