Cash is Key Says World Climate Summit

The most important and influential global industry, finance andgovernment associations in the climate change sector will launch theinaugural World Climate Summit on December 4, 2010 in Cancun, Mexico during the the UNFCCC COP 16?sconference.  The “World Climate Summit” aims Accelerate Business &Finance Solutions to Climate Change and includes a veritable who’s whoof global finance – the UNEP Finance Initiative, The UN Global Compact,The Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group, The Climate Group, TheWorld Bank, Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, ICLEI – LocalGovernments for Sustainability, Carbon Disclosure Project, Bright Green, Club of Beijing, International Finance Corporation, and the governmentof Mexico.

“We have 10 years to scale and implement existing solutions such asenergy efficiency globally,” said Jens Nielsen, Founder of the WorldClimate Summit. “The World Climate Summit will help deliver that withbusinesses, financiers and governments.”

World Climate Summit 2010 is the beginning of a new, open andcollaborative global 10-year initiative dedicated to helpinggovernments, businesses and financiers accelerate solutions to climatechange. The World Climate Summit is bringing more than 300 leadingcompanies, investors and government leaders to implement, scale andcollaborate on bottom-up solutions to climate change to reach 2020targets.

“As world leaders drive towards a global agreement on climate change, investors in the world’s capital markets cannot afford to simply sitand wait. Investors and other financial institutions are determined towork with policy-makers to catalyze new low carbon markets worthtrillions of dollars,” said Paul Clements-Hunt, the chief of the UNEP’sFinance Initiative, “The World Climate Summit will bring finance,business and negotiators together to help make those future low carbonmarkets a reality.”

Highlights of the World Climate Summit include:

  1. Largest network of investors and financial intermediaries demandingclimate change action ever assembled representing more than 20 trillions of assets under management.
  2. Providing an unparalleled global media platform with CNNInternational, TIME, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and DowJones.
  3. Some of the largest global companies in their industries: lighting,energy efficiency, housing, mining, retailing, car, infrastructure, andrenewable energy sectors
  4. Launch of the Carbon War Room Gigaton Awards rewarding andcelebrating the best low-carbon companies, leaders and cities in theworld.
  5. Introducing new initiatives such as a new global index on carbon emissions, new funds and renewable energy initiatives.

The World Climate Summit WCS ( is thebusiness conference accelerating solutions to climate change during theUNFCCC COP 16, Cancun, Mexico. The World Climate Summit will convene the worlds leading businesses, financiers, and governments, so that theycan finance, implement and scale local and global solutions. Thishigh-profile 2-day summit will take place on December 4-5th at TheRitz-Carlton, Cancun, Mexico. The World Climate Summit is an initiativemanaged by World Climate Ltd.

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