Canadian Solar to build solar panel manufacturing facility in Ontario

Canadian Solar Inc., a leading vertically integrated provider of solarcells, solar module, custom-designed solar application products andturnkey solutions for the residential, commercial and solar farmmarkets, announced that it is commencing the site selection andapprovals process to establish a 200 megawatt (MW) module manufacturingfacility in Ontario.

Canadian Solar has recently submitted asignificant number of FIT applications to Ontario Power Authority andhas also received considerable customer interest for "Made in Ontario"solar systems. Canadian Solar expects to make definite decisions aboutthe plant site, cost and ultimate size in Q1 2010.

The newfacility is expected to result in 500 new direct manufacturing jobs inOntario and sufficient capacity to supply electricity to 60,000 homesper year. The estimated cost of the plant will be C$24 million, andonce completed, it will be one of the largest solar panel manufacturingfacilities in North America, further strengthening Canadian Solar’sposition as the country’s leading, Canadian-owned manufacturer of solarmodules. The plant will be completed in stages, with the first phase ofoperations expected to commence in 2010.

Canadian Solar’smanufacturing facility is expected to help drive Ontario’s emergingsolar industry, which is growing rapidly as a result of the provincialgovernment’s recently launched feed-in-tariff (FIT) program. "Our newfacility will help expand "green" skilled jobs and investment inOntario as well as the rest of Canada," said Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman andCEO of Canadian Solar Inc.

"Additionally, with this facility,our leading-edge photovoltaic technology will be manufactured andreadily available in Ontario for those who are ready to take advantageof the FIT programs."

Canadian Solar will be exploring federaland provincial programs that can help us build an Ontario basedmanufacturing facility. "When considering Ontario for our nextinvestment in manufacturing, we looked at the strength of R&D andthe governments’ commitment to investing in a low carbon economy. Weare looking forward to working with government representatives increating jobs and a viable solar market in Ontario and across Canada,"said Milfred Hammerbacher, President of the subsidiary, Canadian SolarSolutions Inc.

Canadian Solar designs complete, turnkey solutionpackages for the residential, commercial and solar farm markets inOntario. The solutions enable the installations to take place rapidly,at a lower cost and at a higher level of quality and reliability.

CanadianSolar panels are silicon-based, have a 25-year warranty backed by oneof the most reputable brands in the industry. They have been installedand tested amid extreme weather conditions around the world withoutstanding results in terms of performance, resistance andreliability. Canadian Solar is compliant with FIT commercial rooftopsolar and microFIT 10 kilowatt solar Ontario content requirements.


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