Can Renewables Power the World in Under 4 Decades?

clean energy power new world c7JVY 11536 Can Renewables Power the World in Under 4 Decades?

With a rise in the cost of fossil fuels due to their inadequatesupply, researchers over the world have put their bets on the use ofrenewable energy for a cleaner tomorrow. While renewable energy systemsare still not as common as all eco-conscious minds want them to be, Stanford researcher Mark Z. Jacobson and UC-Davis researcher Mark A. Delucchi,believe that within four decades the world could be powered withrenewable energy using currently available technology.

If the report of the duo is to be believed, we can save a whopping2.5 million to 3 million lives a year and with that put an end to global warming thereby reducing air and water pollution. Moreover, all thiscomes with no added cost to what we are at presently spending on energygeneration. All of this would be done with the help of renewable energysources like water, wind, and solar energy, thereby slowly diminishingthe use of fossil fuels.

The plan exactly calls for the use of wind, water and solar energyto generate power. While wind and solar energy generating systems willtake the majority of the load, contributing about 90 percent of theneeded energy, geothermal and hydroelectric sources will each contribute about 4 percent and the remaining 2 percent will come from wave andtidal power.

Via: Treehugger