Cambrios awarded Department of Defense contract for flexible solar cells

Cambrios Technologies Corp. has been awarded a DOD contract to producelightweight, flexible, cost-effective solar energy photovoltaics (PV).

Known for its development of ClearOhm, a transparent, conductive, liquidmaterial used in the manufacture of various electronics, this contractrepresents Cambrios’ first public announcement regarding the feasibility of using this material as the electrode of a photovoltaic cell.

Cambrios has selected thin film solar module developer Ascent SolarTechnologies, Inc. as its research partner for the duration of thecontract.

Under a contract with the Department of Defense, USArmy Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center(NSRDEC) and in collaboration with Ascent Solar, Cambrios will deliverflexible solar cells that incorporate a Cambrios ClearOhm electrodelayer.

Because of the material’s improved transparency and light handling capability, it is expected that these cells will be 1 to 3percent more efficient than the equivalent cells made with theconventional transparent electrode material.

The US military isthe single largest consumer of energy in the world, and energy supply is an important issue for each and every soldier. Solar energy has beenwidely deployed by the U.S. military to power permanent and temporarymilitary installations and to reduce the number of energy storagedevices carried by a soldier.

Flexible photovoltaic cells canfacilitate the use of this power source by making them more easilydeployed on a variety of surfaces such as tents, clothing, backpacks,etc.

“This contract is an excellent opportunity for Cambrios toextend the applications of its products in the context of a programaimed at contributing to our nation’s security,” said Dr. Michael Knapp, President and CEO of Cambrios. “We hope to build technology and devices that improve the everyday life of our soldiers in the field.”

The period of performance for this contract will be for twelve monthscommencing on March 22, 2010 through March 21, 2011.



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