Calling all Young Cleantech Professionals in Boston


I started The Green Light Distrikt about 5 months ago as a personalproject and it has evolved into something much larger than myself andthe vision is becoming mighty clear. To those of you that pushed me tostart the blog, you know who you are, I thank you very much. I canhonestly say it has had a huge beneficial impact on my life.

A couple weeks ago I was at a Boston Green Drinksevent (I help organize them and you should come!) talking with Walter Frick fromthe NewEngland Clean Energy Council (NECEC). He told me about how theirorganization works with a lot with clean tech executives and provideforums for them to learn and connect with each other but the same venuedoes not exist for young professionals in the industry.

Boom! It hit me. The GreenLight Distrikt will unite the Boston’s young clean tech professionalsthat are the future leaders of the industry.

We’ll accomplish this goal in 3 simple ways.

1 – Industry Insiders – I have no problem withjournalists, but I prefer to hear information straight from the horsesmouth. The Green Light Distrikt will provide a central forum for healthy online discussion that provide up to date information and insights from the front lines to the community. The goal is also to use GLD to help each industry insiderbuild their own personal brand, expertise and credibility in the fieldthey work in.

Currently, we have 3 industryinsiders writing from various backgrounds and we’re looking for 10so we can have a many perspectives that span the industry. We ask thethat insiders write at least one post a month, not a huge commitment.

If you’re interested, please contact me. Thecriteria is a simple 1) You live in Greater Boston area 2) You’re young, you can be the judge of this 3) You directly work in a clean techfield.

2 – Local Events – We aggregate alllocal clean tech events. Making friends as  I like to call it, NOTnetworking, is essential to learning, getting new perspectives, andkeeping up to date. Online discussions are great, but there is nosubstitute for face to face meetings. The Green Light Distrikt alreadyhas an events calendar where we aggregate over 20 organizations eachmonth to provide to the community.

3 – Clean Tech Kingpins – In addition tocommunicating others events The Green Light Distrikt will also host our own regular event that willprovide a forum for young clean tech professionals to meet each otherand learn from current industry experts. Our first event is on April 20that 6pm at the NEXUS Green Building Resource Center. We’re having the CEOs of HarvestPower, WakondaTechnologies, New Generation Energy and VP of Business Development at Nexamp speak. If you have signed upalready, you should right here.

The last thing I’m working on for the new vision is a re-design ofthe site to make it look much more authentic and snazzy. Here’s thesample. What do you think?



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