Calisolar Acquires 6N Silicon

header a Calisolar Acquires 6N Silicon

Calisolar Inc.has acquired Silicon Inc., an Ontario-based silicon supplier. Theacquisition was completed through a stock-for-stock transaction betweenthe two privately held companies. In addition, $22.5 million in fundingwas raised from existing Calisolar and 6N investors.

Accordingto Calisolar, the new funds will be used to increase capacity at thecompany’s Sunnyvale, Calif., cell manufacturing facility and expandsilicon purification operations in Vaughan, Ontario. 6N Silicon willoperate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Calisolar.

Calisolarwill tightly integrate 6N Silicon’s silicon purification techniquesinto its manufacturing process. By optimizing silicon for wafering andcell manufacturing, Calisolar will significantly lower manufacturingand energy costs, improve silicon yield and enable scrap siliconrecycling, the company adds.