California Solar Training: San Diego

According to San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, San Diego is the top city in the United States when it comes to rooftop solar installation andsolar energy production. Appropriately, San Diego solar installationtraining courses are popping up around the county, creating new jobs for Californians by helping them launch new careers in the growing solarpower sector.

The CaliforniaSolar Power Society in San Diego, Calif., for example, is lookingfor people interested in installing residential and commercial solarpower systems and solar thermal water heaters. The society works withthose who run solar installation companies and people interested inhands on installation, offering training sessions, workshops, solarcommunity outreach programs and solar business seminars.

The society has certification courses for Californians in search ofwork and can help entrepreneurs write business plans for their potential solar company.

Another outfit, the Solar Training Institute, offers beginner,intermediate and advanced solar training courses up and down California, and has specific seminars in San Diego in the coming weeks. The courses are tailored to fit the needs and skills of  aspiringsolar installers and those looking to add solar to theirbusinesses. Importantly, the institute provides a mixture of classroomlessons and on-site experience before sending them into the Californiaworkforce.

For a complete list of solar courses offered by the Solar TrainingInstitute in San Diego and in other parts of California, click here.

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California Solar Training: San Diego


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