California’s Solar Initiative: BACK ON!

After running out of funds in December 2010, California’s Solar Initiative program is now up and running again.

On Sept. 22, Governor Jerry Brown singed SB 585, sponsored by State Senator Christine Kehoe (D), into law. The bill raised the cap on total funds for the California solar rebate program.

Brown chose to sign the bill not at the Capitol, but at Marshall Elementary School in Fowler, Calif. The school recently completed a solar installation proposal with TerraVerde Renewable Partners, a California-based solar developer.

The system, according to TerraVerde, is expected to save Fowler Unified School District $439,000 in total electricity costs in the first year. The money saved will go to the district’s general fund and should grow along with electricity rates.

“California schools and the solar industry know that there is support across the political spectrum for programs that implement green energy saving solutions,” said Rick Brown, PhD, TerraVerde’s President in a press release. “Working together, they were able to gather more than 2/3 votes for Senator Kehoe’s important piece of legislation.”

Over a five year period, TerraVerde estimates the savings to be $2,321,000, $13 million over 25 years. The project is slated for 2012.

According to TerraVerde, Marshall Elementary’s solar system will conserve over one million gallons of water a year. Also, the school will provide displays with real-time information about the production of electricity from the solar panels.

Image courtesy of Treehugger International.

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