Cali Residents: Show SunRun Your Electric Bill, Get FREE Solar

That’s right, California. Show SunRun your June 2011 electric bill.If you’re the unfortunate sot with the highest electric bill submittedto SunRun’s “Battle of the Bills” contest, SunRun will install a freephotovoltaic system with its solar power service for 20 years.

And, if your bill is among the top 11, you can receive up to $1,000 off a SunRun system.

The grand prize winner will receive a solar array of up to 3kilowatts to help offset his or her energy use, according to SunRunspokesperson Susan Wise.

In addition to the grand prize, five first prize winners will receive $1,000 off SunRun’s solar power service and five runners up willreceive $500 off the service.

“In California you can get [solar] for zero-down,” she said.

The company launched the campaign to show people there are alternatives to high energy bills.

“We need to try to make people aware that people can control their energy costs,” Wise said.

SunRun’s solar power service allows homeowners access to aphotovoltaic array at little or no upfront cost. The service isavailable in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, NewJersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and as of this week, Maryland.

Other companies like Sungevity and SolarCity and One Block Off the Grid offer similar services in select states.

In lieu of the high upfront costs of solar, homeowners sign a 20 year solar lease-type or power-purchase-type agreement with SunRun and pay the company amonthly fee for the array. Winners of the California contest will havetheir fee reduced if they choose a solar power service option, according to Wise.

Homes in parts of California’s hottest regions like Bakersfield andFresno are likely to have some of the highest costs in June because ofair conditioning, Wise said.

“They are going to have high bills, so it may not be a mansion thatwins this contest,” she said. “The goal of the contests is not to giveaway free solar to people who are wealthy. We want to help out peoplewho really do need to be aware of their electricity spending.”

This is the first time SunRun has offered such a contest—at least since Wise has been with the company.

“It’s a really good indicator that the market’s getting advancedenough. I’ve seen a couple other companies doing the same type ofthings,” she said.

The company could expand the contest in the future.

“If it’s really successful, and we get a good response, it’s something we’d think about scaling to other states,” Wise said.

For more information, or to enter the contest, please visit

Image courtesy of SunRun.



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