BYD Successful in Electric Taxi Trials

In China, the BYD Automobile Company has quickly worked their way intothe upper echelons of the Chinese automobile industry since theirfounding in 2003 with a variety of very popular vehicle models. Thecompany also has managed to gain the distinction of being the firstautomobile company to provide a mass produced plug-in electric withtheir F3DM model. Since then, BYD has hoped to continue working theirway into the electric market with the e6 model which has just finished a year of testing with, BYD says, great results.

According to BYD, for the past year the Pengcheng Electric Taxi Companyhas been using fifty of the BYD e6 electric models in order to determine just how effective the e6 would be in real world conditions. Accordingto the results, each of the fifty cars managed to consistently meet theexpected 160 mile range and performed admirably under quick chargeconditions. The quick charge, which takes approximately twenty to thirty minutes to complete, was expected to have a negative impact on thebattery’s charging system in the long run. However, with the BYD e6’sbatteries showing almost no degradation, BYD is confident that theirbattery system can hold up for quite some time.

With the success of the taxi test for the e6, BYD is looking to expandtheir operations regarding the model in order to find a place for it inthe market. Currently, after a series of delays that prevented anearlier release, BYD is hoping to work with car dealerships in theUnited States to have the e6 ready for sale in the States by the end ofthe year.

Considering the fact that the F3DM has not sold nearly as well as BYDhoped, successful sales of the e6 could be just the boost the companyneeds to get back on track and perhaps even raise awareness for the F3DM and any future models.

Photo Credit: Anthony Kendell

Richard Cooke

Richard Cooke

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