Buses w/ Solar Assist Systems Now in California

BAUER Solar Power Assisted Bus thumb 450x299 Buses w/ Solar Assist Systems Now in California

In collaboration with Sunpods Inc. from California, Bauer IntelligentTransportation has developed a solar powered assist system speciallydesigned for buses. This will help the company meet the strict ruleslaid down by the State Of California to curb pollution. This systemdeveloped in just 6 weeks uses four thin film solar panels that run thelength of the bus and charges an on-board deep cycle battery bank. Onshutting the engine, the bus can still have its air-conditioner andwireless connectivity equipment up and running. This prevents fuelconsumption of an idling engine. A low was passed in 2008 prohibitingdiesel vehicles from idling for more than 5 minutes, which has now beenapplied across 25 states in the U.S.

Bauer IT uses clean Series 60 engines, exhaust gasrecirculation systems and diesel particulate filters for its fleet ofbio-diesel, propane and EGR vehicles to meet the EPA emissionrequirements.

This new solar powered back-ups for buses will sure help reduce idling time further.