Building a Greener California

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Last week Applied Materials and our CEO Mike Splinter wererecognized by the California League of Conservation Voters for theCompany’s work in Building a Greener California.  Applied Materialswas honored along with Environmental Entrepreneurs or “E2,” a nationalcoalition of business leaders advocating for sound environmental policyand Justice William Newsom (retired California appellate judge), alifelong conservationist who has worked to preserve Lake Tahoe’s beautyas well as endangered species.

The League’s statementaccompanying the award to Applied read: “A genuinely green SiliconValley—and national powerhouse. For over forty years Applied Materialshas made energy efficiency the core of their work as they transform ourlives through bold technological advances. Their innovation in solartechnology alone has been a vital force in our move away from fossilfuels.”

The theme sounded by CEO Mike Splinter in his acceptancespeech was one echoed by all of the evening’s speakers, namely that theenvironment and economy can always be strengthened together, “it’s anAND equation rather than OR”.  In addition, the notions thatCalifornia’s AB 32 (the Global Warming Solutions Act) should besuspended or that Federal climate legislation should be deferred aremisguided and based upon a false dichotomy.  Mike noted that it isessential that we put a price on carbon soon in order to stimulate jobgrowth AND to address the mounting crisis of climate change.

Justlast week week we saw more impressive evidence of how sustainablebusiness can help revitalize our economy – Toyota and Tesla Motors announced that they will be reusing a portion ofthe NUMMI factory in Fremont, CA to build electric vehicles, employing1000 or more autoworkers.

For more information on how AppliedMaterials has integrated economy, environment and equity, the three legs of the sustainability “stool,” see our 2009 Corporate Citizenship Report.

Image: Carl Guardino,President and CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership, presents Applied Materials Chairman and CEO Mike Splinter with the California League ofConservation Voters’ 2010 Environmental Leadership Award.