Brightstar Solar is an Approved CT Solar Lease Installer

With offices in Fairfield, Connecticut, Brightstar Solar is one of only 35 Approved Installers for the CT Solar Lease ProgramConnecticut is the only state that provides a rate-payer supported residentialleasing program to its residents.  It is a unique program that takesadvantage of the state’s generous solar rebates and combines it with savings from the federal tax credit to offer the lowest, fixed monthly lease payments for a solar installation with no down payment required.

One of the qualities that make the CT Solar Lease Program so innovative is that it puts solar in the hands of the middle-class as opposed to just the affluent.  Unless you finance or lease a solar installation, solar typically requires a large upfront investment.  Available cash is not as accessible to moderate income households.  A leasing structurethrough the CT Solar Lease allows residents to get all the benefits of a solar panel installation without a huge upfront cost.

With CT Solar Lease, the program would actually own the solar electric system installed onyour roof and lease it out to you at a low, fixed monthly payment ofabout $120 for an average home.  With most households participating inthe program, you can start to see the savings on your electricity bill almost immediately.

The CT Solar Lease Program is offered by CT Solar Leasing, LLC in cooperation with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) and AFC First Financial Corporation. CCEF Fund was formed in 2000 by the Connecticut Legislature and has a trackrecord of making successful investments to advance emergingtechnologies. AFC First Financial Corporation, founded in 1947, provides energy efficiency financing in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic U.S. Itadministers the CT Solar Leasing program for CCEF and CT Solar Leasing, LLC.

Brightstar Solar empowers our customers with the ability to cut their ongoing utility expenditures with the installation of solar electric (PV) panels in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our company’s dedicated regional team of renewable energy experts will assist our customers with finding the best solar energy solutions for their home or business while maximizing the federal, state, andutility incentives, ensuring a highly attractive return on investment.



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