Breaking News: AZ Senate Passes Solar Bill, 16-12

AZ State Capital Bldg

The Arizona state Senate voted 16-12 today to approve a landmarksolar bill that backers say will attract manufactures of solar PVpanels, thermal solar equipment, and other businesses that makerenewable energy products.

The bill, AZ 1403, is titled “The Quality Jobs Through RenewableEnergy bill.” In speaking for her legislation, Senator Barbara Leff(R), today repeatedly stressed that “this bill is about jobs.”

Opponents voiced fears that taxpayer money would be lost on solarincentives with nothing to show for the expense. One of those votingagainst SB 1403, Senator Ken Cheuvront (D), said that if the bill doesbecome law he hopes supporters will prove him wrong.

The bill now moves on to the House.

For more on SB 1403 (twitter #AZ1403), see our earlier stories here and here.

Click on the image to download the text of SB 1403

Click on image to download text of SB 1403



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