Breakdown: 2011 Energy Use by Source

energy use global 2010 graph Breakdown: 2011 Energy Use by Source

The above chart shows the latest proportions of primary energysources, as reported by the BP Statistical Review. You can see thatRenewables now appear in the data, and account for 1.32% of total worldsupply of energy.

There are two big stories in the 2010 data from BP Statistical Review. The first I have already addressed: the colossal growth in coal consumption–predictably in non-OECD–but also the surprising strength in OECD coal demand.

The second big story is the rebounding growth in renewables in powergeneration, which slightly topped 2008 to grow at 15.5% last year. Butthat is the total, global rate of growth. What’s exciting is that powergeneration from renewables in non-OECD countries, mostly Wind and Solar, is growing at an incredible 36%. I will writemore about this subject, but it fits in with my view that the lack ofcomplexity in Solar and Wind power offers unique advantages, especiallyto the Developing World.


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