BP Solar and SolarEdge Partner to Develop Power Harvesting System

solaredge israel bpsolar 500x188 BP Solar and SolarEdge Partner to Develop Power Harvesting System

Solar energy giant BP Solar from Maryland, USA, and SolarEdge fromIsrael today announced a joint agreement to commercialize a powerharvesting PV system embedded directly into BP Solar products.

To achieve optimal energy yields while reducing installation andmaintenance challenges and costs, BP Solar will integrate SolarEdge’saelectronics directly into their modules.

The combined technologies are currently undergoing rigorous thermalcycle testing to emulate 25 years of volatile solar field conditions,reports the companies.

“BP Solar has contributed enormously to the advancement of the solarindustry,” said Guy Sella, Chairman, CEO and Founder of SolarEdge.

“By addressing the problems that the industry has overlooked orconsidered unavoidable, we can greatly improve solar economics throughincreasing energy output while reducing system costs.”

In support of this activity, BP Solar and SolarEdge have beenawarded a research grant by the Israeli and US governments as part ofthe BIRD (Bi-national Industrial Research and Development) foundation,which contributes to joint development.

Through the “BIRD Energy” initiative, the BP Solar-SolarEdge projecthas been recognized for its achievements in improving the effectivenessand economics of solar technology.

More about BP Solar

BP Solar is a global company with about 2000 employees. BP Solardesigns, manufactures and markets products which use the sun’s energyto generate electricity for use in the residential, commercial andindustrial sectors.

With over 35 years of experience and installations in mostcountries, BP Solar is one of the world’s leading solar companies andannually invests millions in photovoltaic research and development.

More about SolarEdge

SolarEdge is a provider of smart, holistic PV power harvesting andmonitoring solutions for maximum energy and cost efficiency. Thecompany works with industry-leading partners to embed its activeelectronic solution directly into PV modules.