Borrego Solar: Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Borrego Solar has completed work on its latest solar power installation at a military base in Southern California the company said Tuesday.

The 3.4 MW ground mounted solar farm located at the Edwards Air Force Base is Borrego’s largest military installation to date and caps a milestone filled February for the San Diego solar developer.

The completion of the Edwards Air Force Base project comes a week after the company was awarded a contract by the General Services Administration to provide solar installations to federal agencies. Borrego started the month off with a bang, securing $47 million in new funding to support the construction of 6 MW of solar installations in California.

The company’s power purchase agreement (PPA) model is making it easier for government agencies like the Department of Defense (DOD) to implement renewable energy mandates without the burden of upfront costs.

“Financing large-scale projects can be tough in this economic climate, so a PPA made a lot of sense for us, as it eliminated the need for upfront investment and long term maintenance. The deal allowed us to quickly implement solar on our facility and deliver immediate operational savings,” said Ms. Amy Frost, Chief of the Civil Engineer Asset Management Branch for Edwards Air Force Base.

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