Boots on the Roof Alumni Succeeds in the Solar World!

The opportunities in solar energy are there.  I know people who areinvolved in the new industry and earning a living installing solarenergy onto homes and business all across America.  We’re proud to saythat Boots on the RoofAlumni are making an impact and becoming successful in their newroles.  After taking a class to install, design and sell solar energyto homeowners and business ventures, our alumni go out into the countryand either build up their current business into a solar business or gethired by a green business and get to business helping others go solar. We’re talking a real exchange of money for goods, a real economy,tangible change you can see to believe.  You too can take theopportunity to join in the renewable energy revolution.  Clean energyand green building are just beginning, get in while the getting’sgood.   (Compare with your first paragraph for language and smoothtransitions)

 One of our own alumni, Geoff Mirkin is accomplishing a lot in thesolar energy market!  Geoff and his partner, Al Gleeson, started theirown business, Solar Energy World and check them out!  This company designs and installs photovoltaicsolar panels and hot water heaters (we love solar thermal, HUGE + FASTreturn on investment and excellent pro-environment implications). Where did Geoff get the training? Well, Geoff took classes at Boots onthe Roof.  He enhanced his knowledge and learned how to install solarpanels.  Then, he went out to the world of solar and applied hisskills. Geoff is even featured in the Maryland gazette.Geoff is not the only person in Maryland to be successful in the solarmarket industry.  Maryland claims leadership in clean energy and energyefficiency policies and programs.  Claim away!  This puts moreMarylanders to work through the creation of green collar jobs!  We likethis idea.  Keep it up. 

Boots on the Roof alumni are doing an awesome job opening up thesolar industry. They have accomplished a lot in a short amount of timeand are well on their way to opening the industry even more.  You cansign up on the blog and check out the highlights in the newsletter tokeep up with many accomplishments of the Boots on the Roof Alumni.  Youcan also check them out on our Facebook fan page at Join up, join the fun!



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