BMW Lovos Concept Car Powered By Solar

bmw lovos_1
PforzheimUniversity graduate Anne Forschner is one auto designer who believesthat cars of the future need to harness renewable energy and convert itinto usable fuel for a zero-emission ride. Anne has come up with aconcept car, designed in collaboration with BMW, that mimics naturalforms to harness solar energy. DubbedLovos (Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity), the car is constructed fromjust one fully exchangeable part that recurs 260 times. Each of thesepieces is covered in solar photovoltaic cells, which can be opened orclosed just like fish scales. Thesescales operate as airbrakes and move along with the sun to harness themaximum possible energy. In addition to the scales on the body, 12scales are incorporated in each wheel. As soon as the car begins tomove, they change their position to move into the wheel just liketurbines.

bmw lovos_2

bmw lovos_3

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bmw lovos_9

Via: AutoBlogGreen/CarDesign



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